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TENNESSEE RIFLE    ~   This is one scarce Confederate Rifle .... made
from the captured Harpers Ferry machinery in Nashville Tennessee.  These
Overton Confederate Rifles are rare and I have been fortunate enough to have
taken apart and examine 4 of the handful known.  There is a few more parts
rifles out there but the four I have examined I have all been extremely close in
construction and markings.  This example is lock plate numbered 37 .... I have
examined 57 and 59 also.  I have taken some pictures side by side with number
57 for comparison.  If you look in Murphy & Madaus Book on Confederate Rifles
you will be able to see the characteristics of most of the known examples.  This
weekend I examined #59 with similar markings and traits.  I originally pulled this
rifle out of the woods and can share more pictures and story with serious buyer.  

TIME CAPSULE   ~    Richmond three band musket with 1862 dated lock
plate and very nice maker strike.  If you have ever wanted an unmolested
Confederate long arm that has had no restoration or molestation .... your there.  
This example has not even had the dust and rust wiped.  The stock and barrel
are Richmond products and no doubt this smoke pole made bad Yankees good
Yankees ..... The ram rod is an awesome Rebel Relic on it's own ..... It don't get
more Johnny than that ..... action still works and I love the undisturbed patina.  
Hang this CS long arm on the wall and sleep well at night with your
treasure ........

GONE SOUTH BOYS    ~      I love this one .... late 1860 production
Hartford Colt Revolver in the Southern Cavalry's favorite caliber .36 ...... There
are identified revolvers right above and below this serial number to Tennessee
Cavalry guys and South Carolina troopers.  This will make someone the perfect
"Confederate" poor man's revolver.  This Colt has very nice barrel address and
wonderful original walnut grips.  The eye appeal and condition are strong and
one you will cherish .... All matching serial numbers including the wedge and
needs nothing but a loving home ......  

TIME TESTED   ~    Maximus Rebel ready for combat ...... Confederate
Short Artillery Sword patterned after the Roman Gladiator Sword .... This
example has classic Southern War Time casting with copper patina and flaws
galore.  The spun down casting in the cross guard is sexy.  The blade is in good
shape with no shortage of forging flaws and solid feel when held.  I love these
swords and they mean business .....
REBEL PRICED for the best value in
collecting ......

TEXAS HISTORY   ~    Massive Pole Arm Head with old style history note
from Fredericksburg Texas.  This is a big bad piece of blacksmith crafted death
on a pole .... Coming out of Texas it could be 1850 through the end of the
buffalo.  It was in a Civil War Collection but is it a Confederate Pike or Native
American Buffalo Lance  I don't know ...... It's cool and Texas Rebs were known
to have some unusual attire and weapons that suited their personality .......  

$550.00    LAY AWAY
OLD SOUTH   ~    All original and complete Virginia Manufactory
Musket. Produced originally as a flintlock musket ..... These early birds
were shipped all over the South and some even went up North to Yankee
land.  I'm thinking from the style of conversion this one could have went
North originally.  Nice looking example with working action and displays
great.  This one shows some wear and no doubt fired in anger ..... I love
the sling swivels.  

REBEL PERFECTION    ~     Outstanding Confederate Short Artillery
Sword patterned after the Roman Gladiator Sword.  This example has gorgeous
eye appeal and condition .... your eye first catches the uncleaned Rebel Brass
copper patina and then you notice the wasp shaped blade .... then boom, the
original leather throat washer makes it's self noticed.  The blade is awesome
with some original shine and really makes the highlights of the brass handle
pop.  The Southern sand casting on the brass is picture educational perfect .....
we have detailed casting with cut your finger crisp lines.  You can see the wide
tooth file finishing and the spun down in the cross guard.  The pommel is perfect
and whoever buys this sword will have an educational Confederate Rebel Relic
that should enable them to buy relics without fear of fakes.  This sword has
everything you need to know about C.S. War Time Casted Brass in one relic.  
The blade has it's share of Southern forging flaws also ..... Just a dream piece
for the person with a passion for
Confederate Rebel Relics ........

EARLY ALABAMA SHARPSHOOTER   ~     Christian Kreutner was
one of two Montgomery Gunmakers before the Civil War.  He also repaired and
made some rifles for the Confederacy.  This rifle was recently found on a farm in
Alabama with the Confederate "Tilton" Foot Officer Sword I have on the site.  
This is a big bore rifle and clearly saw plenty of service.  The State of Alabama
was in bad need of firearms and was actively purchasing all shotguns and rifles
for the Confederate service.  This rifle should have some
Alabama Rebel

HARTFORD REBEL   ~    Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver with very
desirable serial number range.  These Pre War Hartford Colts were popular with
Southern Retailers ..... This is an awesome revolver and would have to be 25K
with a round barrel to be anymore Southern.  Plenty of cylinder scene and even
has a matching wedge .... check out the silver wash.  The mechanics are tight
and crisp with original walnut grips.  Try and find a nice solid honest 1860
production Colt Revolver .......  

ANOTHER REBEL TREASURE   ~    Absolutely untouched picture
perfect Confederate Sword with unbelievable attic condition and just enough
usage to give it that museum treasure eye appeal.  This example looks like a
product of Louis Froelich and the Confederate States Armory.  I promise .... You
will love this sword and cherish it .... from the forging flaws to the Rebel sand
casting this hunk of Rebel Brass and Steel is a Confederate Work of Art ......

$2,995.00    ON HOLD
TALL IN THE SADDLE    ~   Louis Froelich of the Confederate States
Armory Cavalry Sword with matching roman numerals.  This is another gorgeous
sword with uncleaned "Confederate Brass" patina and some of the best War
Time sand casting you will ever seen.  Check out the pommel cap .... the leather
looks to me to an old replacement but done without taking the pommel off.  The
scabbard is just pure awesome with lap seam and brass hardware.  I have this
bad boy
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value .......

LOUISIANA IMPORT   ~     The stealth fighter of Civil War Swords ....
British Import Cavalry Sword with "TC STAR" stamp on both sides of the blade.  I
have seen reports and one book ......  stating this mark is for Louisiana Import
for the Confederacy ..... others say it is a Tiffany Company, New York mark.  
This mark is nothing like the marked Tiffany Company New York Model 1840s so
it very well could be a State of Louisiana Confederate Import mark ...... The
sword is solid and shows some usage to the leather grip and one bend in the
scabbard.  Solid overall and displays great with the stealthy eye appeal ......  

CONFEDERATE RAILROAD   ~   Train .... Train .... I'm just a ragged
Ole Rebel ...... Beautiful excavated Georgia Pike Head from the cache found in
South Carolina that had been destroyed by invading Yankee Cavalry.  This is a
cool piece of history with photographs and certificate of authenticity.  Solid
condition with Rebel eye appeal and

$595.00     LAY AWAY
WHITE, BROWN, BLUE, WATER ... REBS FOUGHT    ~     Can you imagine
throwing together a fighting force on the fly ..... ground troops would be and was
tough finding suitable arms but a Confederate Navy ..... Gorgeous Confederate
Naval Cutlass copied from the Federal Navy Model .  This one has beautiful eye
appeal with the Confederate Brass copper patina and wasp blade.  The handle
has a nice little battle dent .... nothing bad but adds to the history.  Solid and
ready for battle or display.   

OHIO REBEL   ~     Scarce C.D.V. of Major General Bushrod Johnson with
very desirable Nashville back mark.  He had a long colorful Confederate military
history and lived until 1880.  

QUIET REBEL    ~    The Pattern 53 Enfield Musket gets all the love but
these Austrian Rifles were popular with Confederate Infantry and even The
General N.B. Forrest's Cavalry ..... This is an awesome example with just
enough honest usage to have been there and the Southern added touch of the
scratch carved initials .... tombstone site Rebel Collectors like to see.  This rifle
still has it's original bayonet .... fits like a glove and patina matches.  The bore is
good with crisp action another
the bang and history of a 15,000.00 rifle ......

TENNESSEE TRANTER    ~   Beautiful Cased Tranter Revolver with
identification to Tennessee Soldier.  The revolver has plenty of original finish
and crisp action.  The case is full of all the tools, tins, and Tranter brass bullet
mold.  The key is even still inside the case and the tins have original labels.  
Many known examples of Confederates with Tranter Revolvers .....  REBEL
YELL for more details and history.  

TEXAS TRIP REBEL    ~    Tool Handel Blacksmith crafted spear point
side knife with deep patina.  This is a solid spear point bowie with plenty of
honest usage and age.  I love the ferrule and does have a slight center ridge
line.   The blade is 8" inches and the overall length is 13" ..... This knife was not
made for peeling apples .....  

SCARCE REBEL    ~     Gorgeous C.D.V. of General Hood .... this card is
called a "SALT PRINT" .... I was told they were done in different shades and this
one is pink.  You can see the Texas Stars on his buttons and stare into his
eyes.  I believe these cards were run through the blockades ......

REBEL WITH A RED SASH ON   ~     This sash just screams Texas
Rebel ..... I can see Texas Jack strutting in with his red sash and leather belt rig
.... sporting a ivory gripped revolver.  The condition is good with plenty of honest
wear and the decorative gold tassels are lost to the trail.  Looks like a
homemade sash and still strong enough to use on a mannequin.  

$495.00    ON HOLD
FRESH TO THE MARKET   ~    Recently surfaced from a farm in Alabama
..... Two Rebel Relics were found on the farm an Alabama retailer marked half
stock rifle and this Confederate Foot Sword.  Beautiful attic example with strong
eye appeal .... notice the red brass pommel.  I believe this is a rare "Tilton"
produced sword.  I believe made in Atlanta Ga.  ..... If I get time I will research
this out.  How cool will this one look hanging above the fireplace.

REBEL RAGNAR   ~   Picked this small Belt Ax up on my Texas Trip and
was with a Mississippi Rifle and leather haversack.  Both of those items will be
up for sale later .... The ax is solid and the perfect size for anti personal or
splitting a log for the fire.  The handle is original period of use and also shows
deep age and honest usage.  I love the hole drilled in the handle for a lanyard