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ROLL REBELS   ~    Fantastic 1/4 plate and 18 hand written letters from
Captain David L. Bozeman, Co. A 44th Alabama ...... and one small tin picture of
his younger years and brothers.  The letters are fabulous .... all have been
typed out so they are easy to read and all have protective sleeves with the
original letters.  If your a serious buyer .... we can set a time and I can read
some of the content of all the letters.  

OLD SCHOOL AWARD WINNER   ~    Rebel Strong Confederate Bowie that
even some Ohio Yankee thought was cool .... He thought it was cool in the
middle of the blood and guts at The Battle of Stones River.  This Confederate
Bowie has original polish on the blade and a wicked bad clip point.  The original
scabbard has the belt loop and solid.  Just got this one in and one you will love
it  ......  

CONFEDERATE NAVY    ~    Confederate Naval Cutlass Imported and
sold by Courtney & Tennent, Charleston South Carolina.  Strong condition and
eye appeal with nice "MOLE" maker mark on the blade spine.  Gorgeous patina
on the brass hilt and blade is extremely nice with excellent retailer strike.  
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value .......

EAGLE ON THE HILT   ~     Civil War Cavalry Officer Sword with lightly
etched blade and brass mounted scabbard.  All original attic example with
unmarked etched blade with patriotic emblems and "US" .... the brass hilt has
floral pattern guard with an eagle cast into the guard.  A number of Federal
Sword guys told me Ames has a version of this sword .... this example is
unmarked.  Maybe some research can figure out who made it.  The original
scabbard is very nice with decorative brass mounts and cool big brass drag.  
The marine skin wrap has some wear and the original brass wire is complete
and tight.  There is no doubt this sword was swung in anger and lived to tell
about it.  
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value ......

OFF TO WAR    ~    1/6 Plate Ruby Ambro of a Confederate Soldier with his
double breasted coat and tinted red trim.  The image is clear and really shows
how delighted he his to have his picture taken.  Just got this one in on
consignment .....

Short Sword was in the old collection I just bought ..... picture
above is some of the other swords in the collection.  The
measurements are close to the known examples but the
construction is unique.  I love the brass ferrule/cross guard
combination.  The carved wood grip is simply Southern at it's
finest.  The blade has all the rough forging flaws we like to see
and is period razor sharp.  The brass pommel screws off and a
threaded tang holds this C.S. Short Sword together.  There is a
chance this could be a Confederate Naval Cutlass ...... Only
known example I have ever seen.  I did round table with two
other "dealers" I trust and "UNKNOWN CONFEDERATE
ARSENAL" or expert Southern Blacksmith was the final

I truly love this sword ..... This is not an artifact for the guy who
likes to walk every relic he buys to 20 dealers.  This is an
unique artifact and requires real knowledge of historical
weapons.  I'm sure this sword would get 26 different answers
out of 22 dealers.  All that to say .... I guarantee this one until
my last breath and dollar.     :  )  
   .......  REBEL RELIC YELL !!

SOUTHERN BRASS    ~      Pair of Confederate Spurs with strong eye
appeal and condition.  These are not like the often seen "Richmond" pattern
C.S. Spurs ..... my thinking is maybe Memphis.  There is no shortage of crude
casting and finishing work.  I laid these bad boys beside the Plow Works I just
bought and it looked amazing ......

DOG RIVER FOOT    ~    Model 1850 Foot Sword completely unmarked
with characteristics of several known Confederate Swords.  The pommel is
similar to some Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana Confederate makers
.... The flat unmarked blade with no fuller is seen on Boyle & Gamble swords
early in the War and on swords made in Mississippi .... The pronounced cap on
the pommel is similar to the College Hill nut on top of their swords and the
leather and wire is similar to Memphis swords ..... The brass has casting flaws
and finishing marks and the blade has no import cartouches ..... the blade has
it's fair share of crude finishing.  This is the first example of this sword I have
ever seen ....... I bought the sword from John Sexton who also felt it was
Southern but unknown maker ..... I showed the sword to another well known
"sword guy" and he felt it could be a Texas made example ...... I wish I knew for
sure but there was way more stuff made than we know information on ......

1862 PLOW WORKS' WORK    ~     Attic Nashville Plow Works
Confederate Cavalry Sword with last ditch casting and finishing.  The finishing
tells me that the Yankees must have been at the back door of the shop.  This
Plow is untouched with original small Plow Works wire and remnant of the
original leather around the pommel.  The pommel is untouched with beautiful
aged patina with original carved wood grip in wonderful condition.  The blade is
full length and absolutely gorgeous ..... smooth slashing edge and just as good
as it gets.  The original Plow Works scabbard is also as fine as they come with
brass hardware.  Two of the brass branches looked to have cracked during the
hilt fitting as the patina and wear are consistent all over the hilt.  The "CSA"  and
"NASHVILLE PLOW WORKS" casting are crude and lack the clarity of most
Plows .... The scabbard is the type 2 or flat top model and is a picture perfect
example.  Many times we see these swords with Georgia "Haiman" style
scabbards. I truly love this example and it's crude Southern casting and no
doubt quickly finished due to threat of lead poisoning.........................................

YANKEE BROKE HIS FOOT   ~   Scarce C. Roby Civil War Foot Sword
with gorgeous etching and marine skin handle wrap.  The brass wire was left on
some battlefield and also the last few inches of the sword.  This sword has not
been sharpened and looks like the Yankee stayed calm and carried on with it.  
Shows no signs of being used down on the farm for corn.  The eye appeal is
candy and the etching is really cool ..... Scarce example in seen the elephant
condition .......

OFF TO WAR   ~    Seated Yankee 1/6 plate in full thermo plastic case.  
The image is clear and he looks to be ready for some action.  This one would
make a great Christmas stocking stuffer .....  

TENNESSEE RIFLE    ~   This is one scarce Confederate Rifle .... made
from the captured Harpers Ferry machinery in Nashville Tennessee.  These
Overton Confederate Rifles are rare and I have been fortunate enough to have
taken apart and examine 4 of the handful known.  There is a few more parts
rifles out there but the four I have examined I have all been extremely close in
construction and markings.  This example is lock plate numbered 37 .... I have
examined 57 and 59 also.  I have taken some pictures side by side with number
57 for comparison.  If you look in Murphy & Madaus Book on Confederate Rifles
you will be able to see the characteristics of most of the known examples.  This
weekend I examined #59 with similar markings and traits.  I originally pulled this
rifle out of the woods and can share more pictures and story with serious buyer.  

VIRGINIA CONFEDERATE  ~    Boyle & Gamble of Richmond, Va.
produced Confederate Bayonet.  The brass handle has a beautiful aged patina
with all the Southern casting traits you expect to find.  The back of the grip is
stamped with a "10" ..... the blade is very nice with expected wear and nice
uncleaned patina.  The locking mechanism works as it should and ready for
REBEL PRICED for satisfaction guaranteed.  

Gorgeous Confederate Identified Bowie with
the original scabbard.  The blade is 2" wide
plus and 1/4" thick .... the wood handle is a
work of art and I love the guard.  More on this
one later .......

~  Rebel