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ROLL REBELS   ~    Fantastic 1/4 plate and 18 hand written letters from
Captain David L. Bozeman, Co. A 44th Alabama ...... and one small tin picture of
his younger years and brothers.  The letters are fabulous .... all have been
typed out so they are easy to read and all have protective sleeves with the
original letters.  If your a serious buyer .... we can set a time and I can read
some of the content of all the letters.  

hope you have noticed my sincere efforts to bring the best REBEL RELICS
available to you .... Here is another gorgeous Confederate Foot Sword
produced by Boyle & Gamble of Richmond, Va. .....  The blade is a scarce
pattern notice the short fuller and has very light etching with Confederate Flags
on both sides.  You do not have to be an optimist and drunk to see it .... it is
there but light.  The brass hilt is REBEL to the Bone .... strong Southern crude
but crisp craftsmanship and the casting flaws are oozing red brass .... love the
wide tooth file marks.  The leather and wire are original and could not be better.  
If your looking for a Confederate Sword to hang on the wall and just enjoy ....
this one has no apologizes and no evil surprises.  

SNOW HILL, NORTH CAROLINA REBEL    ~     Two identified Confederate
used firearms .... The cased Maynard is really nice with matching serial number
on the rifled barrel but the shotgun barrel has another serial number.  The wood
case is solid with plenty of goodies.  The Remington is very nice with visible
serial number and visible but worn barrel address.  Both have working actions
and each one will come with a family letter stating history and belonging to their
Civil War Confederate Ancestor.  

$8,995.00 ..... Cased maynard

$2,995.00 ..... Remington revolver
HARD TO LAY IT DOWN   ~    Very strong College Hill Arsenal Confederate
Cavalry Sword with absolute untouched honest condition and no restoration.  
This is as "pure" as they come and absolutely nothing to apologize for .... The
Southern casting is educational and picture perfect .... the blade is minty.  
Nashville swords had thin leather and small gauge wire .... the leather is worn
but original as is the wire.  The scabbard is original to the sword and Nashville
Tennessee made scabbards are scarce .... most did not make it through the
War of Northern Aggression.  There is a dent .... anti rattle or did the horse go
down while kicking Yankee Ass .... don't know .... if the horse went down the
sword was out in front leading the ass whopping because the blade is
awesome.  If your like me .... you like your coffee and relics in the "black".  
REBEL PRICE ........

words you do not see often in the Collecting of Confederate Rebel Relics.  
Gorgeous Burger & Brother, Richmond, Va. clip point side knife with strong eye
appeal and condition.  Straight from the author's collection of the new book on
Confederate Bowie Knives.  This is an opportunity to own a published
Confederate Bowie from a well known Southern Arsenal without breaking the

ALABAMA WOOD   ~    Confederate Wood Drum Canteen with soldier's
name and unit carved on the face.  I just received this REBEL RELIC from an
Alabama Collector .... the linen sling is complete but worn and all three sling
guides are still reporting for duty.  Wonderful addition to any collection and a
must have for the Alabama Tried and True ..... Roll Confederate Tide ......

COLUMBUS STYLE   ~     Just needs a fireplace to hang above .... Beautiful
untouched attic Confederate Cavalry Sword with REBEL STRONG eye appeal
and condition.  The oil cloth wrap and wire have just enough wear to look killer
and the blade is very nice with deep smooth patina.  The scabbard has all the
traits we love and check out the casting flaw on the brass mount .... and notice
the slight bend from usage.  I love this

ARMED AND READY    ~    Beautiful Ruby Ambro of triple armed
Confederate Soldier.  He has it all ..... 1/6 plate, Ruby, full case, triple armed,
kepi, battle shirt, cool neck piece, plain CS Infantry belt, and stylish good looks
that only Rebels have ....    : )  

There is a name in the case .... I have done no research on the name and was
told he was a Louisiana Solider.  The eagle head sword is a cool weapon to
have in early war Confederate Images.   

$2,995.00    ON HOLD
OLD SCHOOL AWARD WINNER   ~    Rebel Strong Confederate Bowie that
even some Ohio Yankee thought was cool .... He thought it was cool in the
middle of the blood and guts at The Battle of Stones River.  This Confederate
Bowie has original polish on the blade and a wicked bad clip point.  The original
scabbard has the belt loop and solid.  Just got this one in and one you will love
it  ......  

HORSE PISTOL   ~   Pre Civil War Single Shot Pistol with untouched in the
"black" attic condition.  Mechanically sound pistol with working swivel rod and
action.  The maker mark, date, and "US" are worn .... no doubt this pistol was
fired in anger in War.  The barrel has visible inspector marks and I really like the
crude bolster conversion.  Solid example and

MOVE THE ARTILLERY INTO POSITION   ~    Nice attic Civil War Artillery
Sword with honest usage and wear.   This sword was fresh from the Georgia
Attic when it walked into the Atlanta Show a few weeks ago.  I added some new
wire around the untouched leather grip.  No visible maker mark or inspector
marks ...... If you have ever wanted one of these in your collection ...... Here is
your REBEL RELIC opportunity.............................................................................

YOUR DAISY IF YOU DO   ~    Civil War Canteen with folk art painting and
traces of silver G.A.R. paint on the spout.  The canteen was covered in a thick
paste and then painted.  One little spot of cracking picture #5 on the face.  Solid
canteen with strong eye appeal and will add some color to the War Room.  

PERFECT U.C.V. FLAG    ~    Gorgeous United Confederate Veteran's
Flag that I bought over 7 years ago with an identified Forrest Cavalry grouping.  
The buyer did not want the Post War Stuff so I have had it since then.  I love
the  size  2' X 3' size and the Stars are sewn ..... This example has the early zinc
grommets and I really love the "yellowing" on the edges .... early flag and one
you will cherish.   

WORLD FAMOUS REBEL RELICS   ~     Rebel Strong ....
Confederate Carbine with stunning eye appeal and condition.  We know the
machinery was sent from Harpers Ferry to Nashville, TN. ..... I wonder if this
carbine could have been made at Nashville or maybe the parts.  The history of
these carbines is a great read and the trail of production is nothing short of
spectacular.  This is a 1st Model and the earliest serial number I have ever seen
REBEL YELL if interested .......

FRESH TO THE MARKET   ~    Recently surfaced from a farm in Alabama
..... Two Rebel Relics were found on the farm an Alabama retailer marked half
stock rifle and this Confederate Foot Sword.  Beautiful attic example with strong
eye appeal .... notice the red brass pommel.  I believe this is a rare "Tilton"
produced sword.  I believe made in Atlanta Ga.  ..... If I get time I will research
this out.  How cool will this one look hanging above the fireplace.

LOOKING GOOD REBEL   ~    Gorgeous Confederate Bayonet with
strong condition and eye appeal.  Slide this baby on the end of your Fayetteville
Rifle and REBEL YELL stand back Yankees ......

$895.00    ON HOLD
POST WAR REBEL   ~    This one I have had for a long time and had a
vision of getting Jeff Leathers to make a scabbard and put it back to work
hunting and skinning.  Very solid antique bowie with stag handles and feels
great in the hand.   I can see a broken hearted Rebel living out West after the
War of Northern Aggression with this bowie stuck in his belt hunting elk and
living free in the mountains.  

$550.00     ON HOLD
REBEL GOODIES    ~    Gorgeous little powder tin with retailer label and
strong eye appeal.  Christmas is around the corner and what a REBEL gift for
the Civil War Collector ..... It will even fit in his stocking.  Needs nothing but a
new home and

SPUR OF THE MOMENT  ~   Butt kicking nice Confederate non
excavated "RICHMOND" pattern spur ..... This one has REBEL eye appeal and
REBEL condition ..... another perfect
REBEL CHRISTMAS stocking stuffer