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TENNESSEE RIFLE    ~   This is one scarce Confederate Rifle .... made
from the captured Harpers Ferry machinery in Nashville Tennessee.  These
Overton Confederate Rifles are rare and I have been fortunate enough to have
taken apart and examine 4 of the handful known.  There is a few more parts
rifles out there but the four I have examined I have all been extremely close in
construction and markings.  This example is lock plate numbered 37 .... I have
examined 57 and 59 also.  I have taken some pictures side by side with number
57 for comparison.  If you look in Murphy & Madaus Book on Confederate Rifles
you will be able to see the characteristics of most of the known examples.  This
weekend I examined #59 with similar markings and traits.  I originally pulled this
rifle out of the woods and can share more pictures and story with serious buyer.  

SCARCE CONFEDERATE WEAPON   ~     This example was found
in a home with another pike in Macon, Georgia.  First time on the market and
one of only four known.  I tried to take some full length pictures but they did not
look good.  I will try some outside later this week.  The "CSA" strike is strong and
displays with awesome eye appeal.  The wood shaft is full length and the
grounding iron is missing but not sure if was ever even put on the shaft.  The
blade is in fabulous condition and solid.  If you have ever wanted a Confederate
Pike this is the end of the street and no upgrade possible.  

LONE STAR REBEL   ~     Stunning Mid 1800s Texas State Flag with gold
bullion trim.  The owner sent me the flag along with a conservation and analysis
report from Heritage Conservation.  The flag has been professionally framed
and is ready for display.   Click on the pictures to read about the materials used
to make the flag and the conservation.  The size of the flag is perfect for home
or office display.  This would have been in my opinion, a local made flag like
many Confederate uniforms for a special unit.  The owner is a collector and
partial trades will be considered.  Rebel Yell if you have any questions or need
more information.   

CONFEDERATE SUPPLIER   ~     Civil War Period Courtney & Tennent
marked Double Barrel Shotgun.  I have been buying Southern used shotguns
now for 8 years and it's time to let a few out ..... as I have over 25 in the shop.  
Here is an excellent example of a major Confederate supplier of Arms.  If you
have seen the Civil War Book on ammunition there was plenty of shotgun ammo
being made and records show soldiers still were using them at the end of the
war.  I love this shotgun and if interested give a
REBEL YELL .......

$4,850.00     LAY AWAY
TEXAS RIFLE   ~    Fresh out of the "Bushes" Confederate Rifle with
soldier's name engraved on the side plate.  This rifle was not a surprise as the
family knew the history when I bought it.  The rifle has some really neat things
going on from the copper ram rod and hammer screw, the hammer itself, lock
plate, and overall attic black condition.  I have not .... turned a screw on this
rifle.  It does have matching "14" assembly numbers which could have been on
the rifle in it's original condition or Southern marks when they cut her down and
did the lock plate conversion.  Nice Confederate used rifle with engraved
identification from the Lone Star .......

$2,495.00     LAY AWAY
ONE OF SEVEN KNOWN   ~     Super scarce Confederate Kenansville
Bridle Cutter Pike ...... This is a super scarce CS Pole Arm and in strong
condition with scary eye appeal.  Here is another REBEL RELIC that ought to
have some North Carolina Rebel excited ..... Complete with iron collar on the
end and solid pole.  
REBEL RELIC PRICE .............

SPREAD EAGLE   ~     Pretty non excavated Militia Panel Plate with tongue
and cross bar.  Nicely stamped and these buckles are excavated here in
Tennessee in both Yank and Reb camps.  These plates make great additions to
any display and

THE FEW THE PROUD    ~     Confederate Veteran Badge for the best
of the best ..... Forrest Cavalry.  Beautiful badge in strong condition and killer
eye appeal and will look awesome anywhere you put it.  How about them
beautiful Flags at the top of this badge.  My favorite veteran item hands down
and if I could go back in time and ride with the General I would.  

TEXAS BLACKSMITH    ~     Fresh from the Lone Star State ..... Massive
Texas Clip Point Bowie with heavy 1/4 inch spine and 2" inches at widest point.  
The over all length is roughly 21" and blade close to 16" inches.  Solid Bowie
with great feel and no doubt FORGED TO FIELD DRESS YANKEES ..... has a
brass cross guard and big heavy brass rivets.  The blade is pitted but my guess
made from old material or re-purposed material.  Solid example and one you will
love when you wrap your hand around it.  
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable
value in collecting.

STRONG STUFF   ~    Confederate two-piece Buckle with "CS" on original
Civil War leather sword belt.  This scarce and desirable example has original
catalog were it was sold and a certificate of authenticity.  There is copies of
original Confederate documents that go along with this rig.  The buckle is very
nice with beautiful patina and one of the most desirable Confederate buckles.  
The original leather belt is federal issue and the document copies talk about the
using of federal captured supplies.  This is a center piece of any collection item
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value.


OLD SOUTH    ~    Model 1842 Palmetto Armory Pistol with visible markings
and crisp action.  Scarce Southern Pistol with strong barrel marks and no doubt
this pistol was used to defend against the invasion.  Notice the "5" kill marks on
the side ..... Be very, very, quiet .... Rebel is hunting Yankees.  Gorgeous
Southern Treasure and from a better time and place.   

of South Carolina Cavalry Sword with ........ " COLUMBIA S.C. " stamped on the
ricasso.  Very scarce sword and if you collect South Carolina Artifacts a must
have for the collection.  Most of these swords are worn out but this example
survived in wonderful condition.  All original and ready for display .....  

Palmetto Armory long arms all in wonderful condition .....  
rifle sold.

"PICTURES 4-9 ..... Model 42 iron mounted musket with gorgeous Palmetto lock
fresh from the Georgia backwoods and first time on the market.  Literally attic
fresh and untouched time capsule long arm.  Crisp action with deep patina and
pictures show wonderful condition.    REBEL PRICE ......


"PICTURES 10-15 .....    Strong condition rifled and sighted Palmetto
Armory Musket with beautiful eye appeal with the brass bands. Crisp
action and mechanically sound with long range site and "SC" stamped
barrel and butt plate.  Investment grade musket and one many collections
are missing.     REBEL PRICE ........

WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE    ~     Beautiful fresh from the farm
British Tower three band musket with 1861 date and Crown VR lock plate.   This
example is like the one with engraved butt plate number in the new book.  This
musket has original finish on the barrel "maybe 80%" and some faded to silver
case color on the bands.  The action is crisp with correct barrel proofs and
original ram rod.   Gorgeous early Import long arm from the Volunteer State and

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA   ~     Scarce Southern Half Stock Rifle with E.H.
Rodgers marked lock plate and barrel.  Nice working action with patch box and
double set trigger.  E.H. Rogers was a well known Georgia gunsmith known for
sporting rifles like this example and secondary Confederate rifles.  This rifle is
.36 caliber and has the look of a Southern rifle used during the Civil War.  The
wrist has an old repair and one screw looks to be a replacement.   Rifles were
scarce during the Civil War in the South and .36 caliber would have been a
perfect caliber for the Southern Sharp Shooter .....  

GEORGIA .... ON MY MIND    ~      Gorgeous E. H. Rodgers half stock
rifle with working action and .45 caliber.  This is a wonderful Southern half stock
rifle that would have been prized during the American Civil War.  The Southern
States at the beginning of the War could not arm all the available fighting men
.... there is no way these rifles would have not saw Confederate service.  These
big bore rifles would have been perfect Rebel Sharpshooter Rifles.  Gorgeous
rifle that I believe originally bought from Damon Mills.  

PREPARE THE ARMY    ~    Confederate waist belt plate known to
collectors as the "EGG" ..... excavated example with wire belt hooks.  Solid
example with strong "CS" strike and has wonderful eye appeal.  I will ask the
seller if he knows where it was dug.  

CARVED TEXAS   ~    Fresh from Texas ..... carved powder horn with name
and "63" date.  The horn has a man firing a long arm and a deer with other
carvings.  The name is nicely scratched carved as is the kneeling hunter.  The
horn has nice aged color and deep patina.  This one surfaced near Uvalde,
Texas and

BAD TO THE BONE    ~    Beautiful Bone Handled Clip Point Bowie with
small copper guard.  Nearly 20" inches over all length with over 13" inch clip
point blade.  The bone handles have deep color and picture perfect eye
appeal.  This Bowie could be Pre Civil War ..... it has Confederate eye appeal
but also screams Republic of Texas ..... If your collection could use a gorgeous
Southern Bowie Knife check out this
REBEL PRICE ........

WELL ... I'LL BE JOHN BROWN   ~    Model 1853 Slant Breech Sharps'
Carbine is as close as I have ever had to being a real "Beecher's Bible"
Sharps'.  While not the most valuable gun I have ever found for you , it is
probably the most historically valuable  gun I have ever had. This carbine is
within seven digits of serial number 16779 that is on the list of known captured
carbines from John Brown at Harpers Ferry during his raid.  This information is
in Sellers book on Sharps' on page 97.  This is only a partial list of 80 known
numbers. There are 120 unknown numbers.

This carbine , serial # 16772 is listed as being with the 1st Dragoons in
California in 1859. See  McAualy's book on Sharps' page 93. It is listed as being
with Co. A along with 7 others. The entire story of how this gun, which was sent
out west after probably being captured from John Brown, is very fascinating. A
Wikipedia search of California in the Civil War shows hundreds of incidents
between Secessionist  and Unionist in the war.  Plenty of research left for you to
do and there is a big letter 'P" carved on the back of the patch box lid and what
looks to be a name.  There is also some more potential clues there .....
Research for guys who like research and unbeatable

KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE   ~     Tennessee Long Rifle with maker name
"Stacy & Angel" and "KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE" stamped on the barrel.  
Beautiful walnut stock with brass hardware and double set triggers.  I love the
"KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE" stamped on the barrel and does show signs of
heavy firing "picture #7" .....  .32 caliber rifle with classic architecture and
displays with class and style.  The action needs a little work but I doubt anybody
would shoot this Tennessee Treasure ......  

MEMPHIS .50 CALIBER   ~    Strong F.H. Clark marked Deringer style
pistol with Memphis, Tennessee also marked on the top of the barrel.  Tim
Prince of College Hill Arsenal originally had this pistol and he knows I love
Southern retailer marked pistols, shotguns, and rifles.  While standing at his
table at the Mansfield, Ohio show looking at the pistol I notice my last name
"AKIN" carved on the silver butt plate.  There what looks to be initials too .... This
.50 caliber pistol has nice working action and 3 1/2" barrel with decorative
german silver hardware.  Nice walnut stock and no import proofs, I believe
American made and retailed by F.H. Clark through his Memphis, Tennessee

WINTER CAMP    ~    Wright's Brigade Winter Camp 1863 Dalton Ga. is the
information gave to me with this awesome cased excavated firearms part
collection.  Over 145 Confederate and Confederate used musket parts with one
example being a Cook Brothers lockplate and a Virginia lockplate.  One of my
favorite pieces is the Confederate hammer with the long stretched profile.  The
seller told me the Confederates camped here after the battle of Gettysburg and
notice all the flintlocks they were still using.  The fantastic grouping comes in a
walnut case and ready for display.  If anyone wants a complete breakdown or
more information let me know.  Some of the other lockplates are: Windsor,
Enfield-Tower, Springfield MD 55, Harpers Ferry MD55, much more ........

IF THE SOUTH WOULDA WON    ~    This electrotype copy is one of
1000 struck from the original by Colonel John T. Pickett, who had been the
Confederacy's envoy to Mexico.  When the War ended he had the original C.S.
Seal that he smuggled out of Richmond with the help of his wife.  These seals
were struck from the original in 1873 and the profits were to help with relief for
war veterans.  Some were done in gold, silver, some in bronze.  This seal is
roughly 3 1/2" inches across and is beautiful.  Out of the 1000 copies made I
wonder how many still exist .... the Smithsonian, Confederate Museum in New
Orleans, and the University of Georgia all have these in their collections.  The
Confederate Museum in Richmond has the original.  This one would look
beautiful in a professionally done frame ......

United Confederate Veteran's Flag with strong condition and eye appeal.  This
example still has bright color and perfect size for framing ......  35 X 20 inches
..... The consignor sent a certificate that was with the flag when he bought it.  If
you have a little wall space this beauty will add a splash of color and class to
any War Room ......  

BORN IN THE LOUISIANA SWAMPS   ~    Very nice Tin Drum
Canteen with screw on cap and all three sling guides.   I have had this canteen
for a long time as it came with my Louisiana retailer marked shotgun.  I love the
wear on one side from rubbing against the soldiers body or saddle.  Neat Rebel
Relic and the shotgun has been photographed for the upcoming book on
Confederate Shotguns so may offer it also today.  

$350.00    ON HOLD
WASHINGTON GEORGIA CACHE   ~    Here is one of the
Confederate Canteens found hidden in storage since the Civil War ..... These
canteens are absolute time capsules and have become super collectible.  There
is a North South Trader Story on these Confederate Canteens and comes with a
letter of authenticity.  Here is your chance if you missed the first go around .....  

$3,495.00    ON HOLD
REBEL ART   ~    Outstanding meets fantastic ..... I love it when Rebel and
Art come together ...... Beautiful painted Confederate Tin Drum Canteen with
Confederate Cavalry camping along an east Tennessee Mountain Stream.  The
other side is also painted with a Classic Tennessee Mountain Sunrise .... This
Rebel Canteen will add a touch of Southern Class to any War Room.  

ATTIC BEAUTIFUL   ~    Model 1851 Officer Sword Belt Buckle with
absolutely untouched condition and check out the patina.  This Pre Civil War
buckle will be awesome in your collection laying beside your Colt Navy and
holster.  Bench number on the back of the buckle and maybe a name.  

AMERICAN CLASSIC   ~   Model 1860 Colt "ARMY" Revolver with strong
condition and eye appeal.  This Colt has all matching serial numbers and crisp
action.  The military cartouche is visible and plenty of cylinder scene.  This is a
better than average Colt Army and

REBEL RELICS ARE AWESOME   ~     Confederate D-Guard Bowie
with original leather scabbard.  Confederate Bowie Knives are scarce period but
examples with their original leather scabbard are rare on the market.  Just shy
18 1/2" inches overall length with a massive 13 1/4" inch blade length.  The
blade spine is a hefty solid 1/4" thick.  The blade has what I call a "Tennessee"
style clip point and has that REBEL EYE APPEAL we all love.  The blade peen is
solid and undisturbed and the original wood handle has a beautiful hand sweat
and Yankee blood polished patina.  The original leather scabbard is solid and
still has the belt loop and I love the lead rivets.  I could type all day about this
Bowie and no doubt in my mind you will cherish this

REBEL SWORD -  BOWIE    ~     Civil War Period crafted Confederate
Bowie Knife from a Confederate Imported "ISAAC & CO" Cavalry Sword.  This
Bowie has a beautiful uncleaned deep patina and check out the clip point
blade.  This is a solid knife with period sharp blade and nicely maker marked
spine.  If you collect Imported Confederate Arms this Bowie will look awesome
and summarizes the plight of the Southern Soldier.  How cool would this Bowie
look on display with your P-53 Sword ......
REBEL YELL ......  19 1/2" inches
over all length and just shy of 15" inch blade.

REBEL UP   ~     Confederate Rectangle "CSA" waist belt plate on original
Confederate leather belt.  Gorgeous example with all three hooks and all the
Southern sand casting traits we love to see.  The belt is in strong condition with
nice tooled edge and ready for display.  These belt rigs don't last long and

$5,500.00     ON HOLD
ROWDY REBEL   ~    Confederate two-piece Belt Buckle on it's original
leather belt and solid as they come.  Ready for display and sturdy enough to
display on a uniform.  The Southern sand casting is strong and a beautiful
patina that only Confederate Brass can have.  

$6,000.00     ON HOLD
MUSEUM REBEL RELIC    ~    Just a fantastic piece of American History
from the Gettysburg Battlefield and once displayed in the Shield Museum there
in Gettysburg, PA.  The letter from my friends at the Horse Soldier tells the
history of this wonderful artifact.  

REBEL READY   ~     Confederate side knife with original tin sheath from
Middle Tennessee.  Another Rebel Strong World Famous Rebel Relic with
strong eye appeal and condition.  The overall length is 15" inches with a 10"
inch blade.  This is a Confederate Fighting Knife notice the spear point and
double edge.  I also like that this example is big but not so big  it would be
troublesome to carry on the hunt for Yankees.  Confederate Bowie Knives are
scarce and very desirable and here is an awesome example with tin scabbard
ready for display.  

HARTFORD REBEL    ~     Model 1851 Colt "NAVY" Revolver with very
desirable "HARTFORD" barrel address.  This revolver has a tight crisp action
and all matching serial numbers, including the wedge.  This Colt has some
original finish with scattered case color.  The production year is 1858 and a
weapon that very likely could have been in the South before the Northern
Aggression even started.  The Colt Navy was the revolver of choice for
Confederate Cavalry and this Colt would be appropriate for your Rebel Cavalry

MOUNT UP   ~    Just received this example on consignment ..... It was
originally bought from Russ Hayes OF Volunteer Relics with history of being a
Civil War Veteran Cavalry Slouch Hat.  The hat looks to me to be an Indian War
style slouch hat that very well could have been worn by a Civil War Veteran.  Hat
does have a little repair but solid and displays like a stud.  

..............................  BE BACK

~  Rebel