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Updated On 04/15/2014  @    7:51  a.m.
ALABAMA BOY   ~    I wish Tennessee had more State stuff .... I would buy it
all ......  Here is an awesome chance to own an Alabama Treasure .... Beautiful
excavated Confederate "Map on Tree" Belt Buckle ....  rare as an honest
politician and ready for display.  I sold this buckle awhile back and got it back in
REBEL YELL if your Home's in Alabama ....

SOUTHERN BORN AND BREED  ~    One of the finest Confederate Slouch
Hats and I have history of ownership ... been in collections of Michael Kramer
and Bill Turner.  The eye appeal and condition is strong with no upgrade ever
needed.  The Virgina State Seal Button is original to the hat and adds that
Southern touch of class that no Yankee hat could ever touch.  Countless Civil
War period images with Southern Boys wearing their slouch hats ... each one
portraying the individual personality of the owner.  This example is worthy of any
museum and one you will cherish.  

TRAIL BOSS   ~    New Model 1859 Sharps Carbine with visible maker marks
and check out the wear on the sling bar.  Nice crisp action and pleasing eye
appeal.  There is a visible cartouche and a name is on the stock.  You guys and
gals know I'm no fan of carved names on weapons.  That said, with some
research this example with
serial number could prove to be a fun research
project.  Better than average example and I love the wear on the sling bar .... I
have added World Famous Rebel Pricing to make this one a great

EVEN MORE REBEL RELICS   ~    Just about everything I have listed lately
has been published .... Here is another World Famous Rebel Relic .... at the
time of publishing this book .... one of two known Civil War Confederate
Daguerreotype Images ..... triple armed and a beard that would make Mr. Phil
Robertson Rebel Yell .... Heck, this Ole Reb. might very well be a Robertson ....
REBEL COMMANDER ..... check out his fighting knife .... looks like a foot sword
crafted into a clip point blue belly stabber.  The pommel looks like a Leech &
Rigdon or maybe a K.G.&K product ..... roller buckle belt and Colt Revolver
around his waist .... three band smoke pole and is that a bayonet I see .... could
be quadruple armed Rebel .... original

NAVAL GUYS WANTED A BIG KNIFE TOO   ~     Confederate Naval
Cutlass with classic Southern Crude sand cast handle and full length blade.  
This one was sold back in 2012 by my friend at Shiloh Relics and click on
picture #2 for his description.  

COLT ARMY  ~    Gorgeous Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver with all matching
serial numbers .... The wedge is a Colt wedge but numbered to another Colt ...
The soldier must have had one on each hip !  Nice crisp action and check out
that cylinder scene.  There is a visible military cartouche and just an overall
awesome Colt Army Revolver ....

BEST OF THE BEST   ~    W.J. McElroy Spear Point Lasso Bowie with strong
eye appeal and condition.  This example is published in three books ....
including Josh Phillip's new book "CONFEDERATE BOWIE KNIVES" .... This is
the best known example and one worthy of the finest Confederate Collections.  

BRASS MOUNTED BEAUTY   ~    Model 1852 Sharps Carbine with excellent
eye appeal and condition.  Very nice example with crisp action and good bore.  
Here is another World Famous Rebel Relic with no upgrade ever needed .....

LIKE A STONEWALL   ~     Untouched attic condition Confederate Kepi with
better than average condition and unbelievable eye appeal.  This black kepi still
has an excellent liner and swat band.  The outer shell has some honest wear
but nothing that needs repair or unsightly.  The condition is "perfect" as it looks
like what we dream a Confederate Kepi should look like ..... It's a first look
keeper and
REBEL PRICED ........ Dealers there is money left on the table

ALABAMA SHOTGUN   ~      Mobile Depot Shotgun Bayonet turned C.S.
Fighting Knife ..... I reckon, Johnny Infantry traded in his shotgun for a captured
Springfield rifled musket and said .... "what to do with my shotgun bayonet" ....
crafted himself a REBEL Spear Point Yankee Stabber .... This is a rare item and
one some Alabama Civil War Collector should love ....

COPY COLT   ~    A Brevete Foreign Production Colt Model 1851 Navy
Revolver .... This example was in a recent collection I just bought ... action
works and displays great.  I was told these revolvers were made in the 1850s ....
first one I have had and quite a cool revolver.  

$475.00    ON HOLD
VIRGINIA EXCAVATED   ~     Excavated Whitney Revolver found in Virginia
and displays awesome.  This one would look great surrounded with some
excavated plates and buttons.  

$695.00    ON HOLD
VERMONT PRIDE AND JOY   ~    Identified High Grade Eagle Head Sword
with Masonic emblem in the hilt.  This sword has excellent eye appeal and from
the wear it looks like he actually used the sword.  Notice the lower mount has
actual service wear.  Nicely etched blade with "US" and all the Patriotic etching
we love to see.  The scabbard is nicely engraved and the sword comes with a
three ring binder packed with history and Civil War service records.  What a
perfect sword for the Civil War, Masonic, Vermont, Eagle Head, Presentation
Sword, or just sword collector to have in your collection .....  

collection I bought recently ... most of the items were CS or had probable
Confederate usage .... Here is a 1861 dated Springfield Musket with working
action .... no doubt saw the whole American Civil War .... this example does have
the carved initials we see on Southern used weapons ....  "JS" .... Wonderful
artifact with desirable 1861 date and a Springfield ......   

HARTFORD COLT   ~    Model 1849 Colt Pocket Model Revolver with all
matching serial numbers and some original finish.  No shortage of original silver
wash on the trigger guard and back strap.  This is a better Colt than you
normally see ... the cylinder scene is beautiful.  The revolver has "J.W. Davis"
nicely engraved on the back strap ... the revolver has oral history of CS usage
by nothing in writing.  Crisp action and mechanically sound ....

$1,195.00     ON HOLD
I'M LOVING IT   ~    Import Pattern 1853 Rifled Musket with 1861 date and
gorgeous eye appeal.  It has everything a Johnny used musket should have .....
two sets of initials, honest usage, butt plate roman numeral, and the bayonet
has three slash marks on the socket.  The stock has honest service wear and
correct American Civil War gauge marks on barrel.  Does have faint but visible
stock marker name and has all the sling swivels.  

$2,000.00      ON HOLD
WAR TROPHY   ~   Fresh to the market .... just recently surfaced up North.  
Family history of brought home as a souvenir by an ancestor.  This is one solid
Confederate Cartridge Box with exceptional eye appeal and condition.  The sling
does have one old repair.  There is one tin reporting for duty .... Guys and Gals,
I have seen CS Cartridge boxes with slings with prices over 10K .... Rebel is
about moving REBEL RELICS fast with the best pricing period.  Check out this

$3,550.00     ON HOLD
VIRGINIA REBEL   ~    Boyle & Gamble Confederate Cavalry Sword ...........
Original and untouched example with salty grip but cool and untouched.  The
scabbard is untouched and original with "M.I.A." drag .... I guarantee the drag is
a relic hunter's glass case somewhere.  I may have a drag laying around here in
my parts box ....  scabbard can be restored if buyer wanted.  

SOUTH CAROLINA SOUTHERN PRIDE   ~   Confederate Cavalry Sword   
manufactured by B. Douglas & Co. of Columbia, S.C. .... The sword was located
at the Old Foundry on Washington Street.  These are super rare swords and
one you might not see again for many years on the market.  The wire is gone
and could be replaced but better left untouched .... my opinion.  The blade is
very nice the tip of the sword was blunted ... probably killing Yankees.  Part of
the original throat washer is still ready for action.  Killer sword untouched and
ready for display ........  

TWO RIBBONS ARE BETTER THAN ONE   ~    1/9th Plate Ruby of a
Confederate holding his three band musket.  Oral history of being a 32nd
Georgia and rumored to have been photographed for future publication.  Clear
image but it is little dark ... looks like writing on the kepi ribbon.  Clear image with
dark background but the contrast is nice.  

GEORGIA JOHNNY   ~     Gorgeous Confederate Rifle with brass hardware
and fried chicken finger licking good eye appeal.  Mechanically sound with
working action .... Old Timers cover your eyes .... I did take the rifle apart and it
does have the correct mark under the barrel and all parts have three chisel
strikes or punch marks.  There is also a ghost shadow of a "M.I.A." B&G bayonet
adapter on the barrel .... The barrel is 33" inches and shot pretty hard .... I truly
love this rifle and looking for a sophisticated buyer with green money ......