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TENNESSEE RIFLE    ~   This is one scarce Confederate Rifle .... made
from the captured Harpers Ferry machinery in Nashville Tennessee.  These
Overton Confederate Rifles are rare and I have been fortunate enough to have
taken apart and examine 4 of the handful known.  There is a few more parts
rifles out there but the four I have examined I have all been extremely close in
construction and markings.  This example is lock plate numbered 37 .... I have
examined 57 and 59 also.  I have taken some pictures side by side with number
57 for comparison.  If you look in Murphy & Madaus Book on Confederate Rifles
you will be able to see the characteristics of most of the known examples.  This
weekend I examined #59 with similar markings and traits.  I originally pulled this
rifle out of the woods and can share more pictures and story with serious buyer.  

SCARCE CONFEDERATE WEAPON   ~     This example was found
in a home with another pike in Macon, Georgia.  First time on the market and
one of only four known.  I tried to take some full length pictures but they did not
look good.  I will try some outside later this week.  The "CSA" strike is strong and
displays with awesome eye appeal.  The wood shaft is full length and the
grounding iron is missing but not sure if was ever even put on the shaft.  The
blade is in fabulous condition and solid.  If you have ever wanted a Confederate
Pike this is the end of the street and no upgrade possible.  

LONE STAR REBEL   ~     Stunning Mid 1800s Texas State Flag with gold
bullion trim.  The owner sent me the flag along with a conservation and analysis
report from Heritage Conservation.  The flag has been professionally framed
and is ready for display.   Click on the pictures to read about the materials used
to make the flag and the conservation.  The size of the flag is perfect for home
or office display.  This would have been in my opinion, a local made flag like
many Confederate uniforms for a special unit.  The owner is a collector and
partial trades will be considered.  Rebel Yell if you have any questions or need
more information.   

THE FEW THE PROUD    ~     Confederate Veteran Badge for the best
of the best ..... Forrest Cavalry.  Beautiful badge in strong condition and killer
eye appeal and will look awesome anywhere you put it.  How about them
beautiful Flags at the top of this badge.  My favorite veteran item hands down
and if I could go back in time and ride with the General I would.  

STRONG STUFF   ~    Confederate two-piece Buckle with "CS" on original
Civil War leather sword belt.  This scarce and desirable example has original
catalog were it was sold and a certificate of authenticity.  There is copies of
original Confederate documents that go along with this rig.  The buckle is very
nice with beautiful patina and one of the most desirable Confederate buckles.  
The original leather belt is federal issue and the document copies talk about the
using of federal captured supplies.  This is a center piece of any collection item
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value.

OLD SOUTH    ~    Model 1842 Palmetto Armory Pistol with visible markings
and crisp action.  Scarce Southern Pistol with strong barrel marks and no doubt
this pistol was used to defend against the invasion.  Notice the "5" kill marks on
the side ..... Be very, very, quiet .... Rebel is hunting Yankees.  Gorgeous
Southern Treasure and from a better time and place.   

of South Carolina Cavalry Sword with ........ " COLUMBIA S.C. " stamped on the
ricasso.  Very scarce sword and if you collect South Carolina Artifacts a must
have for the collection.  Most of these swords are worn out but this example
survived in wonderful condition.  All original and ready for display .....  

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA   ~     Scarce Southern Half Stock Rifle with E.H.
Rodgers marked lock plate and barrel.  Nice working action with patch box and
double set trigger.  E.H. Rogers was a well known Georgia gunsmith known for
sporting rifles like this example and secondary Confederate rifles.  This rifle is
.36 caliber and has the look of a Southern rifle used during the Civil War.  The
wrist has an old repair and one screw looks to be a replacement.   Rifles were
scarce during the Civil War in the South and .36 caliber would have been a
perfect caliber for the Southern Sharp Shooter .....  

GEORGIA .... ON MY MIND    ~      Gorgeous E. H. Rodgers half stock
rifle with working action and .45 caliber.  This is a wonderful Southern half stock
rifle that would have been prized during the American Civil War.  The Southern
States at the beginning of the War could not arm all the available fighting men
.... there is no way these rifles would have not saw Confederate service.  These
big bore rifles would have been perfect Rebel Sharpshooter Rifles.  Gorgeous
rifle that I believe originally bought from Damon Mills.  

BAD TO THE BONE    ~    Beautiful Bone Handled Clip Point Bowie with
small copper guard.  Nearly 20" inches over all length with over 13" inch clip
point blade.  The bone handles have deep color and picture perfect eye
appeal.  This Bowie could be Pre Civil War ..... it has Confederate eye appeal
but also screams Republic of Texas ..... If your collection could use a gorgeous
Southern Bowie Knife check out this
REBEL PRICE ........

MUSEUM REBEL RELIC    ~    Just a fantastic piece of American History
from the Gettysburg Battlefield and once displayed in the Shield Museum there
in Gettysburg, PA.  The letter from my friends at the Horse Soldier tells the
history of this wonderful artifact.  

REBEL READY   ~     Confederate side knife with original tin sheath from
Middle Tennessee.  Another Rebel Strong World Famous Rebel Relic with
strong eye appeal and condition.  The overall length is 15" inches with a 10"
inch blade.  This is a Confederate Fighting Knife notice the spear point and
double edge.  I also like that this example is big but not so big  it would be
troublesome to carry on the hunt for Yankees.  Confederate Bowie Knives are
scarce and very desirable and here is an awesome example with tin scabbard
ready for display.  

GEORGIA GREEN   ~    Beautiful Pre Civil War Tin Drum Canteen with
period green paint.  This canteen just surfaced in Savannah, Georgia and no
doubt could have been carried by one of the IRISH JASPER GREENS ..... The
canteen is solid with honest wear and very strong eye appeal.  The canteen has
a classy look with the primitive paint and I love the flat side that would have been
up against the body shows the most wear.  Beautiful
awesome eye appeal and will look awesome in any WAR ROOM .........

DIXIELAND DELIGHT   ~    Model 1849 Colt "POCKET" Revolver with
original leather holster.  This set surfaced out of North Alabama with history of
Southern usage and has several traits that back up the story.  I love the "flower"
button on the leather holster and the soldier's initials/date carved on the flap.  
The 1852 production date and roman numerals carved on the brass frame also
go along with the story.  The last name of the family is "CARLISLE" .... no other
history or names was known.  The Colt has nice working action and plenty of
visible cylinder scene.  Original wood grips and nice barrel address visible from
across the room.  This revolver has the look of a War Veteran but survived in
good condition and ready for display.

REBEL DRUM    ~      Gorgeous Confederate Tin Drum Canteen with
original sling.  The sling adds a touch of color and some Rebel Pow to the eye
appeal. Solid example and one you will cherish.  

$650.00     ON HOLD
POCKET KILLER   ~    Whitney Pocket Revolver with Veteran eye appeal
and cool original wood grips.  The barrel address is light and worn but picture
shows still visible.  The wood grips have period "kill marks" and pocket revolvers
are not known for rabbit hunting.  The brass frame has beautiful patina and the
action locks up strong but hand spring is weak.  Action works sometimes and not
others.  I can fix the spring if desired for around $40.00 ..... Displays awesome
with the kill marks and no doubt fired in anger.  
Christmas in Dixie ...............

$635.00    LAY AWAY
DUG CONFEDERATE COLLECTION    ~    Three Confederate
Lance and Pike Blades with location of excavation.  The top blade is a Virginia
Cavalry Lance dug a Resaca, Georgia.  The middle Pike Blade dug at East
Point Georgia and the bottom is the only Lance Head dug at the Confederate
Train dig.  I will price them individually and as a group.  

Top:  $450.00 ... Va Lance

Middle  $350.00  .... Pike Head   

Bottom  $550.00 .... South Carolina Lance Blade

TWO PIKES FOR  ......   $799.95
REBEL COLT   ~    Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver with matching serial
numbers and crisp action.  These .36 caliber revolvers were prized by Southern
Cavalry Troopers and many were ordered and sent South as the War Drums
were beating.  This Colt in the early 1861 production range would be
appropriate in your Confederate Display and many of these are identified to
Southern Soldiers and ordered by Southern retailers.  The brass butt did have
the so often seen Southern used Initials or name carved on it but someone has
lightly removed the letters.  These revolvers are hard to find and seldom seen
on the market ......

EARLY WAR SIX SHOOTER    ~   Beautiful Model 1851 Colt Revolver
with all matching serial numbers including the wedge.  This Colt has a very nice
visible barrel address and plenty of original finish on the walnut grips.  The
action is crisp and a mechanically sound six shooter.  These .36 caliber
revolvers were popular with Southern Cavalry and this one has the initials
carved in the brass butt ..... a trait we see often on the Southern used
weapons.  This is a very strong example with plenty of visible cylinder scene and

TEXAS CARBINE   ~   Extremely nice untouched Austrian Model 1842
Carbine with crisp action and beautiful stock.  The stock has the carbine sling
buckle wear and the initials carved we love to see on Southern used firearms.  I
sold this carbine years ago and one of my "Rebel Pickers" picked it out of the
Lone Star State.  These .71 caliber carbines were used by Rebs and that big
chunk of lead would have been devastating up close and personal.  This is one
of the best examples I have ever seen .........  

CONFEDERATE NAVY    ~     Super scarce Confederate Naval Cutlass
with original scabbard and maker marked.  The original grip has some wear but
untouched and still very nice.  The full basket guard is in exceptional condition
and the blade has some original shine.  The scabbard is in good condition with
some leather wear here and there.  If your collection needs a Rare Rebel
Confederate Naval Centerpiece this one should float your boat .......

EARLY AMERICAN ARTILLERY    ~     WOW .... This bad boy was
Rebel when rebel wasn't even cool yet.   Early Ames Artillery Short Sword Belt
Rig with strong condition and eye appeal.  This rig is solid and ready for action
or hang this bad mamma jamma on your Artillery Shell Jacket and STAND
BACK.  The buckle has a beautiful aged patina and the belt is solid.  The sword
is gorgeous with visible maker mark and date.  If you can smell the powder
burning this one should have you fired up.  

 ~  Louisiana Confederate Saturday Night ...... Allen & Hille New
Orleans, La. marked shotgun with the look of a Confederate State called into
action shotgun.  I have over 30 Civil War Period shotguns and letting a few go
..... Guys and Gals many documented shotguns are still full length and some
were mounted with bayonet adapters.  I have several of the shotguns with the
brass and iron adapters.  There are many that have been cut down for cavalry
service but majority have been full length.  The wrist has a thin crack and the
stock has expected wear and bruises from usage .... the wear is over and above
hunting usage.  I love the ram rod with the swivel tool end.  The action works
and has aged very well with nice patina.  The Confederate Shotgun Book should
be printed and on the market in the next year .....
this shotgun has been
photographed and should be in the book
.  I love these shotguns and if you have
time research all the Confederate Ordnance reports that were making shotgun
ammunition during the War of Northern Aggression .......  

ANOTHER DEEP SOUTH SCATTER GUN   ~    Call to Arms ..... All
able bodied men bring your country rifles and shotguns ...... New Orleans,
Louisiana marked shotgun with retailer .... Labadie & Jacquelin ..... I found other
firearms retailed by them Pre Civil War and they were very fancy and
expensive.  This shotgun has the look of a Civil War called to arms Confederate
used weapon.  The stock has all the wear of a weapon of war.  I have passed on
way more shotguns of the time frame than I bought .... some just had "hunting"
usage or no usage.  Notice the design cut into the stock and deep uncleaned
patina.  Check out the old repair of the burn out and gone ..... that is from
blasting Yankees not wabbits .... I have sold many Richmond Carbines with less
wear and usage.  This shotgun was photographed for the new book and
another World Famous

William G. "BILL" Gavin Collection    ~   Federal Cartridge Box Plate crafted
into a waist belt plate on original cotton belt.  The back of the plate has been
converted into a "puppy paw" style belt plate.  I love the patina on the studs and
the back has full lead.  This is the second one of these I have had and this one
has Collection notes in Mr. Gavin's hand and a letter of authenticity from
another dealer who sold this belt rig years ago.  Tomorrow I can add some other
examples that are published in Confederate Buckle Books similar to this one.  
Another World Famous REBEL RELIC .........

$1,250.00     ON HOLD
CAJUN REBEL    ~    Beautiful Thomas Griswold & Co. New Orleans,
Louisiana Confederate Naval Cutlass with strong maker mark.  I love the
untouched patina and this example is solid from pommel to tip.  If you
Confederate Collection is missing a C.S. Naval Blade here is one you will be
proud to own and REBEL RELIC PRICED for budget friendly collecting.  Picture
perfect Southern casting and ready for display ......

PRE WAR PRETTY   ~    Model 1851 Officer Belt Buckle worn by fighting
men on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line .... This example has beautiful eye
appeal and strong condition.  The brass keeper was with the buckle and fits
both are unmarked.  The german silver wreath is complete and buckle has nice
body curve.  

CONFEDERATE VETERAN   ~    Model 1840 Import Cavalry Sword with
Confederate Veteran Hall Display oral history and has the look to back it up.  I
love Civil War Folk Art, painted, re-purposed, and Veteran Hall Treasures ....
Many of you have seen the gold painted GAR Hall Display Artifacts and locally I
see Southern used pieces with this style decoration.  This sword will look great
with your painted canteen and/or UCV Uniform.  

MACON GEORGIA    ~    Confederate Bridal Cutter Pike found in Macon,
Georgia along with the marked "CSA" with Stars Pike I have listed.  These two
Confederate Pikes were found several years ago by Lee Hadaway and this
example is one of the best CS Pikes you will ever have a chance to own.  The
pike head has a maker mark and full length shaft.  The shaft is cut for a
grounding iron at the bottom but does not appear to have ever has one.  I have
several loose collars and can add one if desired.  Beautiful Confederate Pole
Arm and

RICHMOND VIRGINIA    ~     This is one of the very first Southern
Shotguns that  I ever bought ...... there is an example just like this one published
in the book ...... "CONFEDERATE MUSKETS & RIFLES" by John Murphy.   This
shotgun was brought to me by a family at the Richmond, Va. Show many years
ago.  The family tradition of service in the Confederate Army and Infantry
usage.  I also bought a crude blacksmith side knife from them with the shotgun.  
This gun shows honest usage from service and no doubt would have been an
early War desirable weapon.  If you look at the reports at the end of the War
many shotguns were still being used in 1865.  The South was producing
shotgun ammo through out the war in massive amounts.  This double barrel is
worthy to hang above any fireplace or displayed in any Confederate Firearms
Collection.  This shotgun was photographed and could be in the upcoming book
on Confederate Shotguns .... which should be published in the next 12 months.  

WEST TENNESSEE REBEL GIG   ~     Recent shop walk in and
surfaced in Memphis, Tennessee ....... Pictures of my shop and all my
Confederate Pikes on Face Book were shared and here is a neat Civil War
Boarding Pike.  The mighty Mississippi rolls in Memphis and very well could be a
left over souvenir from the Yankees Brown Water Navy Campaign.  This pike is
in strong condition and displays kinda medieval ......
Brown Water keep on rolling PRICE

SHOW ME COLT   ~    Model 1878 Colt Double Action Revolver with Colt
Factory Letter.  These letters provide valuable information to the collector on
authenticity and location of shipment.  This letter states the Colt Revolver was
sent to St. Louis, Missouri in 1882.  The period ivory grips are beautiful and add
the Wild West Gun Slinger eye appeal we all love to see.  This Colt is not Civil
War but sure looks like a Rebel at Heart carried it and wish this .45 caliber long
barrel could talk.  

CONFEDERATE CARE    ~    William H. Prioleau Confederate Surgeon
and South Carolina Mason.  Beautiful Southern Cross of Honor with Civil War
period order from the Confederate Surgeon General.  There is also his 1859
Mason Certificate from South Carolina and a Land Deed from 1871.  This a
beautiful grouping with strong South Carolina History and I love the I'd Southern
Cross. Fresh to the market and

$2,450.00     ON HOLD
NASHVILLE REBEL   ~   One of the prettiest Nashville Plow Swords I have
ever seen ......  The hilt has a beautiful copper/brass Rebel Patina and the
blade is full length.  The blade has a few very small nicks nothing bad
mentioned for Rebel Accuracy and the blade has gorgeous display power.  The
"CSA" stands out and the "NASHVILLE PLOW WORKS" is clear and visible.  The
original wood handle is very nice with the original small brass twisted wire.  
Nashville Plow leather was very thin and no doubt this sword was carried well
after the leather wore out.  One of the most Iconic Confederate Swords ever
made and this one has REBEL STRONG condition and eye appeal.  

WHEN VIRGINIA WAS VIRGINIA    ~      Old times there are not
forgotten look away .... look away ......  Fredericksburg, Va. marked Confederate
used shotgun with strong condition and eye appeal.   This shotgun was brought
to me a few years ago at the Spring Gettysburg Show.  It was a family heirloom
with family tradition of Confederate usage.  This example displays great with
better than pictures show State mark.  The mark is in a recessed beveled spot
and hard to focus the camera.  This shotgun was photographed for the
upcoming book on Confederate Shotguns and one that will look awesome above
the fireplace.  One of the brass ram rod supports is missing but patina and wear
indicates been "M.I.A." for very long time.  I have the period parts to "fix" but in
the book it will be photographed and hate to alter it's attic condition.  

YANKEE WAR TROPHY    ~      Mississippi Marked Shotgun with all
kinds of Mississippi all over the lock plate and barrel.  This shotgun surfaced up
in Maine along with other Confederate War Trophies sent home by the soldier.  
This is a beautiful attic condition firearm giving the old term "IN THE BLACK" new
meaning.  This shotgun was photographed for the upcoming Confederate
Shotgun Book and I hope it made the publishing.  The action will not hold full
cock .... I can fix it but a screw has not been turned on this one and probably
better to leave it untouched.  This shotgun should have a Mississippi Women or
Mississippi Man REBEL YELLING .........  

GEORGIA CONFEDERATE HISTORY    ~    Beautiful Excavated
Confederate two-piece Buckle known to collectors as the "HAIMAN" style.  
Strong eye appeal and condition with perfect fit.  The button was also dug at the
same location and it is Rebel Strong ...... one of the prettiest buttons I have ever
seen.  The set comes with a note from the digger stating the location and

TEXAS BACK ROADS    ~     Civil War Period Saddle that recently
surfaced little North of Uvalde, Texas.   The saddle was with the Model 1852
Sharps Carbine I sold a few months ago.  The family oral tradition was Southern
usage during the War and both the Sharps and the Saddle had matching rode
hard honest wear from service.  This example has no shortage of character from
the shortened skirt to the mismatched stirrups.  If you have ever wanted a
saddle for that Rebel Cavalry Display with the look and budget friendly .......  

$695.00    LAY AWAY
HARTFORD COLT    ~     Model 1851 Colt Revolver with very desirable
Hartford barrel address and all matching serial numbers .... including the
wedge.  The action is crisp and mechanically sound with original grips.  I sold
this Colt many years ago .... it surfaced with family tradition of Southern usage
and the holster with shoulder leather sure looks Southern.  The buyer sent off
and got a letter on the Colt.  The cylinder still has strong scene and just an
awesome example of an early Civil War production Colt that no doubt saw plenty
of service.  I have seen several holsters like this one with Confederate made
revolvers and the shoulder rig is very unique.  

MORE REBEL PRETTY    ~     Picked this little Cannon up last May at
the Mansfield, Ohio Show and been enjoying the piece since.  It had history of
being part of a Veteran's Hall and has names and numbers that probably could
be researched.  The brass tube is a little over 7" inches long and the primitive
pant has beautiful display power.  Another beautiful Rebel Relic that will add that
splash of color to any display and what a great piece to display in the office.  

$800.00    ON HOLD
FRONT DOOR REBEL RELIC    ~    Build it they will come ...... and it
helped Larry advertised the shop on his website.  Nice local Ames Short Artillery
Sword and scabbard.  The blade has visible maker mark and date with inspector
marks on the brass guard.  The scabbard is original to the sword and partial
leather frog.  The scabbard stitching is tired but the scabbard is solid and
probably could just glue the seam back.  The sword is beautiful and the brass
has a beautiful patina.  
REBEL RELIC PRICED 100s under retail .......

YANKEE HORSE SOLIDER    ~    Model 1860 Federal Cavalry Sword
with original scabbard and visible maker mark, date, and inspector mark.  The
handle is original with salty leather wrap and wire.  The blade is full length with
some original shine but does have a few battle scars.  The battle dings could be
smoothed out but adds character.  This sword has a leather sword knot and Pre
Civil War decorative suspension chain.  Really displays strong with the untoched
eye appeal and extra goodies.  
REBEL PRICED below any similar quality
Civil War Sword I have seen .........

BELT AXE   ~    Cute Little light weight belt axe crafted with camp chores and
anti-personal in mind.  This example was in a small grouping I bought out of East
Tennessee .... the collection was full of Pre Civil War items used by the Rebs.  
The painted canvas bag I sold earlier this year and the turned down barrel rifle
was all part of the collection.  Oral tradition of Southern usage and no doubt
would have been useful in camp or battlefield.  The overall length is 14 1/2"
inches ......

BAD AXE   ~    Another Small Axe that was in a mixed collection of
Confederate Artifacts and Tennessee Long Rifles ..... these little bad boy is
roughly 9 3/4" inches long and you will just love it.  It's a Rebel Relic for guys
who just like Rebel Relics .... Displays great and would look awesome with your
Long Rifle Display or Reb Haversack.  This one would be perfect for a deer
processing or head thumping.  

EARLY TENNESSEE    ~    Absolutely Beautiful Original Flint Lock
Tennessee Rifle with 51" inch plus .45 caliber barrel.  The original walnut stock
is gorgeous with typical Tennessee construction with iron hardware.  I love the
iron trigger guard it screams Tennessee and the double set triggers.  The barrel
has maker and date etched on it but I have not even tried to make the name out
yet.  The date looks to be 1817 ...... maybe tonight I can work on the name.  
This is a true piece of art that will be a centerpiece in any collection.  The caliber
is perfect for hunting bears or anti personal ..... way to big for squirrels and
such.  Guys and Gals here is one you will love guaranteed ........  

NICKEL PLATED 6 SHOOTER    ~    Model 1860 Colt Army Revolver with
crisp action and beautiful original walnut grips.  This .44 caliber revolver
somewhere along the line was lightly nickel plated and as the pictures show it is
flaking off.  There is a place here in town and they could remove the nickel.  
There is a good chance some steel wool and oil could make it go away.  The
action is flawless and locks up great.  The barrel address is strong and has
visible Colt patent and inspector marks.  The cylinder is double marked  with
matching number under another number.  Displays great and

SHOW .................

~  Rebel