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TENNESSEE RIFLE    ~   This is one scarce Confederate Rifle .... made
from the captured Harpers Ferry machinery in Nashville Tennessee.  These
Overton Confederate Rifles are rare and I have been fortunate enough to have
taken apart and examine 4 of the handful known.  There is a few more parts
rifles out there but the four I have examined I have all been extremely close in
construction and markings.  This example is lock plate numbered 37 .... I have
examined 57 and 59 also.  I have taken some pictures side by side with number
57 for comparison.  If you look in Murphy & Madaus Book on Confederate Rifles
you will be able to see the characteristics of most of the known examples.  This
weekend I examined #59 with similar markings and traits.  I originally pulled this
rifle out of the woods and can share more pictures and story with serious buyer.  

TIME CAPSULE   ~    Richmond three band musket with 1862 dated lock
plate and very nice maker strike.  If you have ever wanted an unmolested
Confederate long arm that has had no restoration or molestation .... your there.  
This example has not even had the dust and rust wiped.  The stock and barrel
are Richmond products and no doubt this smoke pole made bad Yankees good
Yankees ..... The ram rod is an awesome Rebel Relic on it's own ..... It don't get
more Johnny than that ..... action still works and I love the undisturbed patina.  
Hang this CS long arm on the wall and sleep well at night with your
treasure ........

SCARCE CONFEDERATE WEAPON   ~     This example was found
in a home with another pike in Macon, Georgia.  First time on the market and
one of only four known.  I tried to take some full length pictures but they did not
look good.  I will try some outside later this week.  The "CSA" strike is strong and
displays with awesome eye appeal.  The wood shaft is full length and the
grounding iron is missing but not sure if was ever even put on the shaft.  The
blade is in fabulous condition and solid.  If you have ever wanted a Confederate
Pike this is the end of the street and no upgrade possible.  

TENNESSEE REBEL    ~     Nashville made Confederate Cavalry Sword
with period razor sharp blade ..... We all know who the Tennessee Cavalry
General was that loved razor sharp blades.  It truly is not a big Rebel Stretch for
a Tennessee made cavalry sword with a razor sharp blade to have been one of
General Forrest's Trooper's sword.  Nashville made swords are scarce as Yanks
invaded so early in the War of Northern Aggression.  Nashville leather was thin
and very few Plows or Hills have original leather and this one is worn to the
original wood grip.  Looks to have been carried long after the leather worn out
as the handle is smooth and dark patina.  Solid example of a cool and scarce
Confederate Tennessee made sword .......  

FRANKLIN TENNESSEE RIFLE    ~    Walked in to our Tennessee
Military Collector Show this weekend ..... Confederate brass mounted Rifle made
at the Fayetteville Confederate Armory in North Carolina.  These rifles were
made from the captured machinery from Harpers Ferry.  Nice attic CS Rifle with
beautiful deep Rebel Brass patina on the hardware.  Working action and nice
overall eye appeal.  The sling swivels are "MIA" but that is common on CS used
weapons .... maybe they wore out but I think they made noise and Rebs took
them off.  The butt plate has beautiful "CSA" mark and no doubt this rifle was on
the hunt for Yankees.  

$5,995.00     SOLD
OLE G.W.   ~     1st Model Maynard Carbine serial number #2717 with
carved "GW" and "1920" in the stock.  I just received this carbine in on
consignment and has history and research already done.  The research and
oral history point this carbine to have been used by one of two soldiers in
Cobb's Legion.  The probable soldiers are 5th Ga. Cav. George Winship or
George Watts.  This carbine comes with signed letter from owner and dealer he
received it from.  Feel free to REBEL YELL for more details.   

LONE STAR REBEL   ~     Stunning Mid 1800s Texas State Flag with gold
bullion trim.  The owner sent me the flag along with a conservation and analysis
report from Heritage Conservation.  The flag has been professionally framed
and is ready for display.   Click on the pictures to read about the materials used
to make the flag and the conservation.  The size of the flag is perfect for home
or office display.  This would have been in my opinion, a local made flag like
many Confederate uniforms for a special unit.  The owner is a collector and
partial trades will be considered.  Rebel Yell if you have any questions or need
more information.   

SOUTH CAROLINA BORN RAISED    ~     I can see this Smith & Wesson
Revolver and South Carolina marked holster on a Confederate Officer's hip.  
The last picture is just for fun the CSA belt will be listed later.  The revolver is
beautiful with engraved frame and pearl grips.  The mechanics are good with
nice crisp action.  The holster with very nice maker mark has to be one rare
Southern Rebel Relic ....... I wish it had a Tennessee maker on it ...... This one
should get some South Carolina Blood Pumping ........  REBEL PRICE ....

SOUTHERN BEAUTY    ~     One of my all time favorite Rebel Relics ......
Confederate States "C.S.A." Rectangle waist belt plate on Confederate "pigskin"
belt.   The plate has all three hooks and picture perfect Southern sand casting
with that beautiful copper/brass Rebel eye appeal.  The belt is the one
collectors love to see and this rig needs nothing but maybe a Rebel cap box and

$4,850.00     ON HOLD
COOL CONSIGNMENT   ~     The Ole Rebel mail box just got over
loaded with boxes of consignment items ...... Here is the first of many to come ....
Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver with all matching serial numbers and check out
the carved grips.  The mechanics are good with working action and strong
barrel address.  Nice early Civil War production with original holster.  The
holster has "CS" and writing in an oval.  I have not even tried to figure out the
name or whatever it says.  Great Civil War Colt that no doubt saw some action
and fired in anger.  

THREE TIMES A REBEL    ~    What could be more Rebel than three
branches on his D-Guard ..... Over 24" inches with 19" inch plus clip point
blade.  Beautiful turned wood grip with brass ferrule.  The grip is solid with one
small chip near the bottom.  Nicely penned and completely undisturbed with
solid feel and ready for the next defense of Freedom and Liberty.  I have sold
two Double D examples but this is the first Triple D I have owned.  

REBEL LIKE US    ~     Holding this Confederate Cap Box today just made
me feel good ..... I tried hard to picture the Southern Boy who wore it .... A little
REBEL RELIC WHISPERING later it was revealed to me ..... the story is to sad to
share though.  Southern Strong Confederate Percussion Cap Box with beautiful
War Time Rebel craftsmanship and big wide single loop.  The brass closure
stud is perfect kinda crude, few scars, and deep patina ..... kinda reminds me of
.......... me.   This is a gorgeous example and one you will cherish and hopefully
hand down to the next generation of Southern Heritage Caretakers.  

REV WAR    ~     Just got this beauty on consignment from a New York Family
..... The consignor sent me lots of information and I have photographed a few
pages ..... please click on picture #2 for information on this musket.  This is a
scarce original flint Second Model Brown Bess in solid condition and
.......  Feel free to REBEL YELL for more information.

CONFEDERATE SECRETE SERVICE   ~     One of two known .....
Nashville Plow Works Field & Staff Officer's Sword.  The other example is
pictured in Albaugh's "CONFEDERATE SWORD" Book page 145.  The sword
just recently surfaced from where it had been since it's capture from Lieut.
Young.  I have the enough research to make a major motion picture on this
solider.  I also have a signed letter from the family stating the history and

UP NORTH   ~    Complete Federal sword Belt Rig ...... all you need is to lay
your Colt and Cavalry sword along side and you have a big time display.  The
eagle belt buckle is nice and both it and the keeper and unmarked.  The belt
has the sword drops and the over the shoulder strap .... usaully missing. The
pistol box and cap box are very nice with solid condition.  The holster has had
the seam repaired but the closure tab is solid as is the belt loop.  Good looking
rig that I recently received from a family up North.  

COMING UP ....... Some of these
treasures will be on

~  Rebel