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EAGLE ON THE HILT   ~     Civil War Cavalry Officer Sword with lightly
etched blade and brass mounted scabbard.  All original attic example with
unmarked etched blade with patriotic emblems and "US" .... the brass hilt has
floral pattern guard with an eagle cast into the guard.  A number of Federal
Sword guys told me Ames has a version of this sword .... this example is
unmarked.  Maybe some research can figure out who made it.  The original
scabbard is very nice with decorative brass mounts and cool big brass drag.  
The marine skin wrap has some wear and the original brass wire is complete
and tight.  There is no doubt this sword was swung in anger and lived to tell
about it.  
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value ......

ON HOLD ....  $1,395.00
OFF TO WAR    ~    1/6 Plate Ruby Ambro of a Confederate Soldier with his
double breasted coat and tinted red trim.  The image is clear and really shows
how delighted he his to have his picture taken.  Just got this one in on
consignment .....

$1,000.00   ON HOLD
TENNESSEE RIFLE    ~   This is one scarce Confederate Rifle .... made
from the captured Harpers Ferry machinery in Nashville Tennessee.  These
Overton Confederate Rifles are rare and I have been fortunate enough to have
taken apart and examine 4 of the handful known.  There is a few more parts
rifles out there but the four I have examined I have all been extremely close in
construction and markings.  This example is lock plate numbered 37 .... I have
examined 57 and 59 also.  I have taken some pictures side by side with number
57 for comparison.  If you look in Murphy & Madaus Book on Confederate Rifles
you will be able to see the characteristics of most of the known examples.  This
weekend I examined #59 with similar markings and traits.  I originally pulled this
rifle out of the woods and can share more pictures and story with serious buyer.  

CONFEDERATE CONVERSION   ~    Found this beauty at the
Franklin Show this weekend ..... Gorgeous Southern conversion on this Model
1836 Johnson single shot pistol.  I love the "X" reassembly number on the
trigger guard and notice they wiped the "US" off the barrel but left the inspector
initials.  The conversion looks to be a Tennessee job ..... Chattanooga my
guess ..... the sporting hammer is sexy.  There is a crack in the wood but solid
and ready for display.  

$795.00    ON HOLD
TENNESSEE REBEL   ~    Untouched and in the black ...... recent find
here in Middle Tennessee.  Wonderful Confederate side knife with original
scabbard and intact belt loop.  I love the way the belt loop was sewn for quick
field dressing of bad guys.  This is a perfect Civil War Soldier's side knife ..... big
enough for anti personal usage and still utilitarian for everyday camp life.  Plus
would not pull your trousers down marching all over the place.  The scabbard
has an opening but the sheath is solid and ready for the next go around.  

$975.00    ON HOLD
TIME CAPSULE   ~    Richmond three band musket with 1862 dated lock
plate and very nice maker strike.  If you have ever wanted an unmolested
Confederate long arm that has had no restoration or molestation .... your there.  
This example has not even had the dust and rust wiped.  The stock and barrel
are Richmond products and no doubt this smoke pole made bad Yankees good
Yankees ..... The ram rod is an awesome Rebel Relic on it's own ..... It don't get
more Johnny than that ..... action still works and I love the undisturbed patina.  
Hang this CS long arm on the wall and sleep well at night with your
treasure ........

SOUTHERN ATTITUDE   ~    Beautiful Veteran of the Southern War
effort .... Macon Arsenal altered Confederate used Musket with picture perfect
Confederate alterations.  The shortened barrel and bayonet lug for socket
bayonet are classic Macon Georgia and some of the altered weapons went to
great lengths to keep the second barrel band.  I love the usage of the Pattern
1853 second band.  Notice how close the second band spring is to the double
strap band.  This weapon was probably sent from Richmond Virginia to Georgia
to be altered for Confederate service.  Richmond Armory had thousands of
weapons that had been captured from the battlefield and needed repair.  Here
is a great Confederate altered and used long arm
feel good price.

GONE SOUTH BOYS    ~      I love this one .... late 1860 production
Hartford Colt Revolver in the Southern Cavalry's favorite caliber .36 ...... There
are identified revolvers right above and below this serial number to Tennessee
Cavalry guys and South Carolina troopers.  This will make someone the perfect
"Confederate" poor man's revolver.  This Colt has very nice barrel address and
wonderful original walnut grips.  The eye appeal and condition are strong and
one you will cherish .... All matching serial numbers including the wedge and
needs nothing but a loving home ......  

DOES YOUR KERR NEED A FRIEND   ~     London Armory
Company P-53 Enfield Musket with very strong eye appeal and condition.  
These are scarce Confederate used long arms and how awesome would it look
displayed with your London Armory Kerr Revolver.  Crisp action with working
mechanics and the lock plate maker mark is strong.  Correct barrel proofs and
very nice stock marking.  The brass hardware fit is tight with pleasing uncleaned
patina ..... The London Armory Company was the arms supplier to the
Confederacy and here is an extremely nice attic example and
for unbeatable value ......

$2,975.00    ON HOLD
MEMBERS ONLY   ~     I have never been one to join clubs ..... That said,
this would have been one group that I would have liked to have been a part of
..... All day beautiful Forrest Cavalry Badge .... excellent original colors and a
must have for any collector of Southern Cavalry.  
finest ......

BA BA BAD   ~    Picture perfect ..... Extraordinary eye appeal and condition.  
One of the best .... maybe the best Forrest C.D.V. ever ..... There can only be
one thing you don't like and that is the price.  Personally I think this
is a bargain .....

$1,150.00    ON HOLD
TENNESSEE.  I will share more information and updates as they

Fast new website which will span America and all
it's history of weapons and conflict.  The site is
still growing and many of the features are not
active yet but check it out.  

Rebel Relics will stay the same as always ...... as I don't like
to much change .....    : )

TIME TESTED   ~    Maximus Rebel ready for combat ...... Confederate
Short Artillery Sword patterned after the Roman Gladiator Sword .... This
example has classic Southern War Time casting with copper patina and flaws
galore.  The spun down casting in the cross guard is sexy.  The blade is in good
shape with no shortage of forging flaws and solid feel when held.  I love these
swords and they mean business .....
REBEL PRICED for the best value in
collecting ......

TEXAS HISTORY   ~    Massive Pole Arm Head with old style history note
from Fredericksburg Texas.  This is a big bad piece of blacksmith crafted death
on a pole .... Coming out of Texas it could be 1850 through the end of the
buffalo.  It was in a Civil War Collection but is it a Confederate Pike or Native
American Buffalo Lance  I don't know ...... It's cool and Texas Rebs were known
to have some unusual attire and weapons that suited their personality .......  

$550.00    ON HOLD
ANTIETAM ARTIFACT    ~      I saw this Clover Leaf Pike Head years ago
and was in an early collection of Antietam Artifacts.  This example was found in a
rifle pit of Georgia Boys near Antietam Bridge.  Solid pike head with deep dark
patina and one side looks to have been coated.  The history was oral but have
no reason to doubt the story.