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ROLL REBELS   ~    Fantastic 1/4 plate and 18 hand written letters from
Captain David L. Bozeman, Co. A 44th Alabama ...... and one small tin picture of
his younger years and brothers.  The letters are fabulous .... all have been
typed out so they are easy to read and all have protective sleeves with the
original letters.  If your a serious buyer .... we can set a time and I can read
some of the content of all the letters.  

SNOW HILL, NORTH CAROLINA REBEL    ~     Two identified Confederate
used firearms .... The cased Maynard is really nice with matching serial number
on the rifled barrel but the shotgun barrel has another serial number.  The wood
case is solid with plenty of goodies.  The Remington is very nice with visible
serial number and visible but worn barrel address.  Both have working actions
and each one will come with a family letter stating history and belonging to their
Civil War Confederate Ancestor.  

$2,995.00 .....
OLD SCHOOL AWARD WINNER   ~    Rebel Strong Confederate Bowie that
even some Ohio Yankee thought was cool .... He thought it was cool in the
middle of the blood and guts at The Battle of Stones River.  This Confederate
Bowie has original polish on the blade and a wicked bad clip point.  The original
scabbard has the belt loop and solid.  Just got this one in and one you will love
it  ......  

REBEL PRIDE    ~      You may never see another one ..... Confederate
Veteran Flag with beautiful age and even has that old attic smell.  This flag
measures roughly 70 X 48 inches and has strong eye appeal.  This one has the
"look" of 100K but not the price tag ......

OLE BETTY   ~    Neat little Hanging Betty Lamp ..... This is the first one I
have seen crafted from copper.  Complete example with wick and even has
some old oil in the bottom.  Probably Pre Civil War but sure will look good in
your War Room or display.   

ORIGINAL BUCK KNIFE   ~     Crown Antler Side Knife with clip point
blade and iron cross guard.  The antler shows wonderful patina and age and
still as sturdy as the day it was crafted.  Could be Pre Civil War but the family
had it along with other Civil War items ..... If you have low testosterone just
holding this Bowie will have you back in action ....  

CONFEDERATE ARTILLERY   ~   Scarce pattern Confederate Short
Artillery Sword with picture perfect Southern sand casting and no shortage of
casting flaws.  Untouched condition with small piece of the original leather
washer remaining.  This is the same pattern as the example with the "C" & "S" in
the ends of the cross guard.  Solid example with all the Confederate traits we
love to see and ready for display.  

THE GENERAL   ~   Beautiful General Nathan Bedford Forrest letter
opener from the 1909 Memphis Reunion.  Solid with no breaks or repairs and

WORKHORSE SIX   ~    Remington New Model Revolver with
military cartouche on the wood grip.  Nice working action with visible barrel
address and inspector initial on cylinder.  Serial number is visible under the
barrel and fresh to the market.  Nice attic revolver that has not even been oiled
or wiped off .....
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value .......  

$995.00    ON HOLD
CONFEDERATE NAVY    ~    Confederate Naval Cutlass Imported and
sold by Courtney & Tennent, Charleston South Carolina.  Strong condition and
eye appeal with nice "MOLE" maker mark on the blade spine.  Gorgeous patina
on the brass hilt and blade is extremely nice with excellent retailer strike.  
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value .......

VIRGINIA FIRST RESPONDER   ~    Extremely nice Virginia retailer
marked double barrel shotgun.  The advertising copy is from 1856 .... early War
shotguns were in the hands of Southern Boys and no shortage of documented
usage.  Shotguns were still being used at the end of the War of Northern
Aggression and no shortage of period images have the Southern freedom
Fighters holding their trusty double barrels.  I wish it was Tennessee retailer
marked .... that said, some like minded Virgina Boy should be letting out a

$2,250.00    ON HOLD
BETWEEN THE LINES   ~    Just got this in ..... from a little old lady from
Sparta, Tennessee.  Her ancestors rode with General Nathan B. Forrest and
this carbine K.I.A.'D over 30 Yankees at the Battle of Floating Yankee Creek
......    ;  )

OK ..... This Austrian Carbine does have the wear of a Confederate hard
service weapon that no doubt was fired in anger.  Check out the pictures .... the
stock has 100s of bumps and bruises and notice the "field repair" Rebel
Blacksmith front band .... Yankees would have never had to used a weapon in
such worn condition.  This weapon after the War of Northern Aggression would
have been useless .....  If you love Confederate used firearms that 100%
percent saw and maybe killed the elephant here is one that you will cherish.  

$750.00    ON HOLD
WRIST BREAKER   ~     Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Sword carried by both
sides during the American Civil War.  This example is in good shape with original
leather and wire grip .... has original leather throat washer.  Very solid tight feel
when held and no wobble in the brass hilt.  The blade is very nice with some
original cross polish left .... this sword had a retailer or maker strike at one time
and looks to have been filed off.  Nice wall hanger

$259.00     ON HOLD
SCREAMING EAGLE    ~    Beautiful American Eagle Head Pre Civil War
Sword with brass scabbard.   The blade has floral and Patriotic etching and the
brass scabbard has gorgeous etching.  The bone handle is in very good shape
and just a nice example.  The scabbard does have one weak spot .... nothing
bad and still together .... mentioned for accuracy.  This one displays like a
million bucks but
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value.

$850.00    ON HOLD
YANKEE HORSE SWORD    ~     D. J. Millard Model 1860 Cavalry
Sword with 1862 date .... inspector mark on the pommel.  The grip is original
with some wear to the leather but the twisted brass wire is tight.  The scabbard
is very nice with pleasing patina and fits as it should.  Someone started to clean
the blade near the hilt but wisely stopped.  Scarce maker with very limited
production and just one year 1862 .... has original leather throat washer.  The
best part of the whole deal is the

WHITNEY SIX SHOOTER    ~    Whitney Revolver with matching serial
numbers and working action.  Original walnut grips and visible maker strike on
barrel.  Good looking old six shooter that was popular with the Southern Boys.  
No shortage of period images with Confederates holding their Whitney
Revolver.  Honest example does look to have a replaced frame screw can be
seen in the picture.  Will make a great "POOR MAN'S SPILLER & BURR" .....

$1,095.00    ON HOLD
EAGLE ON THE HILT   ~     Civil War Cavalry Officer Sword with lightly
etched blade and brass mounted scabbard.  All original attic example with
unmarked etched blade with patriotic emblems and "US" .... the brass hilt has
floral pattern guard with an eagle cast into the guard.  A number of Federal
Sword guys told me Ames has a version of this sword .... this example is
unmarked.  Maybe some research can figure out who made it.  The original
scabbard is very nice with decorative brass mounts and cool big brass drag.  
The marine skin wrap has some wear and the original brass wire is complete
and tight.  There is no doubt this sword was swung in anger and lived to tell
about it.  
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value ......

PRETTIEST MAN I EVER SAW    ~   Gorgeous Model 1841
"MISSISSIPPI" Rifle ...... Scarce example with very limited production.  It's all
complete with correct markings and the first year of production.  This rifle
surfaced out of the Waxahatchie, Texas area.  Crisp action and matching barrel
and lock plate date.  The brass trigger guard has #39 stamped on it .... great
bore and ready for display.  

$2,995.00     ON HOLD

I am picking up a collection while I'm there ....
See y'all when I get back on Monday .......