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SCARCE CONFEDERATE WEAPON   ~     This example was
found in a home with another pike in Macon, Georgia.  First time on the
market and one of only four known.  I tried to take some full length pictures
but they did not look good.  I will try some outside later this week.  The
"CSA" strike is strong and displays with awesome eye appeal.  The
wood shaft is full length and the grounding iron is missing but not sure if
was ever even put on the shaft.  The blade is in fabulous condition and
solid.  If you have ever wanted a Confederate Pike this is the end of the
street and no upgrade possible.  

LONE STAR REBEL   ~     Stunning Mid 1800s Texas State Flag with
gold bullion trim.  The owner sent me the flag along with a conservation
and analysis report from Heritage Conservation.  The flag has been
professionally framed and is ready for display.   Click on the pictures to
read about the materials used to make the flag and the conservation.  The
size of the flag is perfect for home or office display.  This would have
been in my opinion, a local made flag like many Confederate uniforms for
a special unit.  The owner is a collector and partial trades will be
considered.  Rebel Yell if you have any questions or need more

STRONG STUFF   ~    Confederate two-piece Buckle with "CS" on
original Civil War leather sword belt.  This scarce and desirable example
has original catalog were it was sold and a certificate of authenticity.  
There is copies of original Confederate documents that go along with this
rig.  The buckle is very nice with beautiful patina and one of the most
desirable Confederate buckles.  The original leather belt is federal issue
and the document copies talk about the using of federal captured
supplies.  This is a center piece of any collection item and
for unbeatable value.

MUSEUM REBEL RELIC    ~    Just a fantastic piece of American
History from the Gettysburg Battlefield and once displayed in the Shield
Museum there in Gettysburg, PA.  The letter from my friends at the Horse
Soldier tells the history of this wonderful artifact.  

REBEL DRUM    ~      Gorgeous Confederate Tin Drum Canteen with
original sling.  The sling adds a touch of color and some Rebel Pow to the
eye appeal. Solid example and one you will cherish.  

$650.00     ON HOLD
CONFEDERATE NAVY    ~     Super scarce Confederate Naval
Cutlass with original scabbard and maker marked.  The original grip has
some wear but untouched and still very nice.  The full basket guard is in
exceptional condition and the blade has some original shine.  The
scabbard is in good condition with some leather wear here and there.  If
your collection needs a Rare Rebel Confederate Naval Centerpiece this
one should float your boat .......

MACON GEORGIA    ~    Confederate Bridal Cutter Pike found in
Macon, Georgia along with the marked "CSA" with Stars Pike I have
listed.  These two Confederate Pikes were found several years ago by
Lee Hadaway and this example is one of the best CS Pikes you will ever
have a chance to own.  The pike head has a maker mark and full length
shaft.  The shaft is cut for a grounding iron at the bottom but does not
appear to have ever has one.  I have several loose collars and can add
one if desired.  Beautiful Confederate Pole Arm and

RICHMOND VIRGINIA    ~     This is one of the very first Southern
Shotguns that  I ever bought ...... there is an example just like this one
published in the book ...... "CONFEDERATE MUSKETS & RIFLES" by
John Murphy.   This shotgun was brought to me by a family at the
Richmond, Va. Show many years ago.  The family tradition of service in
the Confederate Army and Infantry usage.  I also bought a crude
blacksmith side knife from them with the shotgun.  This gun shows honest
usage from service and no doubt would have been an early War
desirable weapon.  If you look at the reports at the end of the War many
shotguns were still being used in 1865.  The South was producing
shotgun ammo through out the war in massive amounts.  This double
barrel is worthy to hang above any fireplace or displayed in any
Confederate Firearms Collection.  This shotgun was photographed and
could be in the upcoming book on Confederate Shotguns .... which should
be published in the next 12 months.  

WEST TENNESSEE REBEL GIG   ~     Recent shop walk in and
surfaced in Memphis, Tennessee ....... Pictures of my shop and all my
Confederate Pikes on Face Book were shared and here is a neat Civil
War Boarding Pike.  The mighty Mississippi rolls in Memphis and very
well could be a left over souvenir from the Yankees Brown Water Navy
Campaign.  This pike is in strong condition and displays kinda medieval
REBEL RELIC Old Brown Water keep on rolling PRICE .........

YANKEE HORSE SOLIDER    ~    Model 1860 Federal Cavalry
Sword with original scabbard and visible maker mark, date, and
inspector mark.  The handle is original with salty leather wrap and wire.  
The blade is full length with some original shine but does have a few
battle scars.  The battle dings could be smoothed out but adds character.  
This sword has a leather sword knot and Pre Civil War decorative
suspension chain.  Really displays strong with the untoched eye appeal
and extra goodies.  
REBEL PRICED below any similar quality Civil
War Sword I have seen .........

$775.00     LAY AWAY
NICKEL PLATED 6 SHOOTER    ~    Model 1860 Colt Army Revolver
with crisp action and beautiful original walnut grips.  This .44 caliber
revolver somewhere along the line was lightly nickel plated and as the
pictures show it is flaking off.  There is a place here in town and they
could remove the nickel.  There is a good chance some steel wool and oil
could make it go away.  The action is flawless and locks up great.  The
barrel address is strong and has visible Colt patent and inspector marks.  
The cylinder is double marked  with matching number under another
number.  Displays great and

FLAYDERMAN'S COLLECTION    ~    Prettiest Buckle I Ever Seen .....
Rebel Strong from the sand casting to the one only Rebel Patina .... The
belt is original but on it's last leg .... The rig displays beautiful and the
leather is all there and maybe could even be intelligently repaired.  The
buckle is worth every blue dollar I'm asking for this piece and one worthy
of any collection.  If you love Rebel Relics this bad boy here could teach
and train your eye to what Confederate sand cast brass looks like .....

THIS JUST SHOWED UP   ~    Fresh from the Southern Backwoods
of South Carolina ..... Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver "the preferred
weapon of the Rebs" with some Southern enhancements .... The Colt on
the side of the frame period removed .... New York period removed ....
cylinder liberated of all Yankee marks .... This Colt is in great shape
check out the original walnut grips and the fit is excellent.  Early Pre War
Production and working action and no doubt John Rebel said to hell with
New York and Colt on his six shooter.  The holster is Smoking Southern
Slick Pigskin Bad with eagle button for closure stud.  The belt loop is
crafted from a belt and you can see the hole for adjustment.  If this ain't
Rebel .... I'll kiss your .....  

LOCAL TREASURE    ~     Two Beautiful Confederate Buttons that
walked through the shop door.  These came through the same day a rifle
bayonet walked in with local tradition of being found at Sam Davis
birthplace home in the rafters.  The bayonet was not for sale but was cool
to have walk in the door.  These two buttons show some service and can
be purchased together but will separate if that is the need.  I was with a
friend of mine 20 years or so ago when he dug a button exactly like these
here in Middle Tennessee ..... REBEL RELIC MIDDLE TENNESSEE

BATTLE OF FRANKLIN    ~   Two Gorgeous Excavated Battle of
Franklin Civil War Rebel Relics ..... both were dug near each other and
have a deep brown chocolate patina.  I would like to keep them together
with matching patinas and locations.  The Confederate Infantry Button is a
solid cast with deep brown patina and solid as a Rebel Rock.  The snake
is part of a snake buckle which many were used to Rebs when they were
issued their British Muskets and Rifles.  

$240.00    ON HOLD
TENNESSEE INFANTRY    ~     Gorgeous Confederate Infantry
Button excavated here in Middle Tennessee collection notes say South of
Franklin, Tennessee.  Maybe Spring Hill, Tennessee or Thompson
Station, Tennessee the button has blank back mark and stand up shank.  
The face has a small push nothing bad just mentioned for accuracy.  

NASHVILLE REBEL    ~    Excavated Confederate solid cast Infantry
Button with deep patina.  These are my favorite buttons as they are like
the men who wore them ...... solid as a rock and tough than leather.  
Collection notes just say dug at Nashville, Tennessee.  

SCOUT RIFLE   ~    Southern Half Stock Rifle with "E.H. ROGERS
AUGUSTA GA." marked on the barrel and .40 caliber ........ Elisha H.
Rodgers is listed as a gun maker in Augusta, Ga. before the Civil War
and owned a large sporting goods business.  He formed partnerships
with many well known makers in the area and no doubt would have
provided many Confederate Soldiers with their first arms.  This rifle would
be a nice addition to antique gun collection.  

LOCAL SCATTER GUN    ~     I bought this London Import Double
Barrel Shotgun about 12 years ago.  I lady walked into my karate school
and had been given my name about selling her family gun.  She said the
shotgun was used by her ancestors during the Civil War while he fought
for the Confederacy.  The shotgun is in great shape with only expected
scratches from service and check out the hammers ..... love them.  I did
not get anything in writing and wish I had but 14 years ago was still mainly
collecting.  Just got this back today on consignment and

TENNESSEE VOLUNTEER    ~     Tennessee Iron Mounted Long
Rifle with heavy barrel and .35 caliber.  Solid example with iron hardware
and classic Tennessee trigger guard and side plate.  The rifle shows
plenty of usage and sure has the look of a military service rifle.  Does
have some antique restoration around the lock plate and a place or two
on the stock. Nothing bad and mentioned for accuracy and the action is
weak and probably needs a main spring.  This is a wonderful example of
a Tennessee Rifle and

$650.00    ON HOLD
LOCAL TRAFFIC    ~     Well, my buddy might get all the Country
Music Stars but today I did have an old man from Smyrna bring in a
couple of cool relics.  Two gorgeous Civil War Artifacts with attic
condition and patina.  The Yankee belt plate is solid with all three hooks
and full lead.  The percussion cap box is maker marked and I love the two
tone construction.  Solid belt loops and still has the pick and sheep in the
REBEL RELIC PRICED ................

$250.00   belt plate

$195.00  cap box

$385.00   for both
MOBILE MONSTER     ~      Fresh to the market Mobile Monster
Confederate Blacksmith crafted Fighting Knife.  This Bowie puts the
"REBEL YELL" back in the Southern Air ..... The blade was crafted from a
file and the original file teeth can be seen .... this is a hefty clip point with
hair over 13" inch blade and 18" inches overall.  The original leather
scabbard is wonderful with wood covered leather and belt loop.  This is a
picture perfect example of what the Southern Boys carried into battle and
ready for display ...........  

SWEET GEORGIA BROWN     ~      Beautiful excavated Georgia
State Seal Coat Button dug near Nashville, Tennessee in a spot
occupied right before the Battle of Nashville.  This button has no defects
and nice brown patina.  The back of the button is solid with no repairs and
stand up shank.  

Confederate Wood Drum Canteen with all three metal sling loops.  This
example is solid with "CSA" carved on the face and the so often seen
initials.  This canteen is published in the book "COLLECTING THE

Tulsa, Oklahoma Gun Show Pattern 1853 Confederate Import Musket.  
Crisp action and mechanically sound long arm with "JS ANCHOR" and
numbered butt plate.  I am still unloading the wagon and getting the shop
back in order if you need more pictures or information REBEL YELL.  I
just wanted to update and share some goodies with you guys and gals.  

RARE REBEL    ~    Nashville Plow Works Officer Sword ...... this is
not the big long Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Sword but a much smaller
version for an officer.  This beauty is an example you will hardly ever see
offered on the market for sale.  I have only sold three of these in over 20
years of chasing Confederate Swords.  Strong condition and eye appeal
has plenty of meat left on the bone.  Rebel Yell for pricing .......Dealer
Friendly ...

DATED BRASS & FLINT    ~     Gorgeous Mid- 18th Century English
Blunderbuss with brass barrel dated 1741.  I truly love this firearm from
the date to the ornate sideplate.  The barrel is 16" inches and has
beautiful brass patina.  The brass furniture and barrel give this early flinter
excellent eye appeal and I promise you will cherish this weapon.  

$4,500.00     ON HOLD
fellow in this Ruby 1/9 plate is wearing a cool looking uniform shirt with
big single stars on each shoulder.  I just got this image in on consignment
and out of a very nice Confederate Image Collection and many more will
be coming in over the next month.  The inside of the case has plenty of old
writing and someone with more time than I have can probably cipher the

GOT AMMO    ~     Civil War Federal Cartridge Box with embossed "US"
on the outer flap.  This cartridge box is in wonderful condition with both
tins and solid closure tab.  These style boxes could be worn on a belt or
with a shoulder strap.  This example has inspector stamp and tool pouch
with both buckles.  Only thing this Yankee Cartridge Box needs is a loving

GLADIATOR    ~     1853 Pattern Enfield with all the Confederate Import
bells and whistles with crisp action.  This Rebel Yankee thumper has
original rod and both sling swivels.  If you have copy of the new
Confederate Import Book there is pages of documentation on these
weapons.  Tim Prince is selling the copies of the book.  This musket was
shipped on the blockade runner "GLADIATOR" ..... The name of the boat
alone makes this weapon extra Rebel Cool.  This example would have
been in case number 98 and several other from the same case are
known.  The condition is extremely Rebel finger licking good and
absolutely nothing to cry about.  

$8,995.00    OH HOLD