ALABAMA NATIONAL TREASURE    ~   Gorgeous Alabama half stock
rifle produced by well known Confederate gun maker and repairer Christian
Kreutner of Mobile, Alabama.  Pre War Mr. Kreutner was one of only two Mobile
Alabama Gun Makers and produced a limited amount of rifles for the
Confederacy.  Receipts show he also repaired rifles and shotguns for the
Confederate Army. Alabama was short on arms for it's soldiers and government
agents went door to door to find serviceable arms.  This half stock would have
been a prize position for any Alabama Sharp Shooter ..... I love this rifle and the
condition is gorgeous with strong maker name on barrel.  This is a rifle that any
Confederate Collector, Antique Arms, Southern Antique Arms, or Alabama
Collector will cherish.  

REBEL PINFIRE    ~    Beautiful Import Pinfire Revolver with some original
finish and surfaced near Pineville, South Carolina.  The action is strong with all
the bells and whistles: lanyard ring, spur trigger, big bore, loading gate, and an
interesting "IC" mark.  Even has the "JOHNNY REB." used initials scratched
carved in the grips.  Very strong example and REBEL PRICED ..... if I learn more
about the "IC" mark I will add to the write up.  

REBEL SNIPER    ~    This rifle hits me hard ..... Fresh from my dreams of
me zapping invading Yankees right off their horses .... or splitting wigs of blue
belly artillerymen before they could drop bombs on Atlanta.  Gorgeous
Confederate Import Kerr Rifle with stunning eye appeal and condition.  Just
enough wear and usage to have been out hunting Yankees but taken care of as
it would have been .... issued to a true marksmen and prized by the Rebel who
carried it.  The rifle has flawless action and checkered stock with all the correct
markings for American Civil War Confederate usage.  I have plenty of more
pictures and the new book has information on these sniper rifles.  If you have
questions or need more information

RICHMOND IS FOR LOVERS   ~   Well, I love this carbine.  Awesome
.... I mean Outstanding ..... Richmond produced Confederate Carbine with
working action and beautiful Rebel Brass hardware.  I love Sharps Carbines and
try to buy all of them I find and apparently my Confederate Brothers loved them
too and decided to make the Southern version !!  Nothing to cry about or
apologize for and no doubt this carbine put Yankees in pine boxes.  

ALABAMA SHARPSHOOTER    ~     Half-stock sharpshooter or scout
rifle made by Dickson, Nelson, and Co. This rifle has a beautiful Southern
Armory mixture of military and country rifle hardware and architecture.  The
Dickson, Nelson lock plate is beautiful with visibile strikes and the brass butt
plate is awesome. The trigger guard is military and a Model 41 rifle barrel is
used on all known examples.  Super scarce Southern made Confederate Scout
Rifle .....

SOUTH CAROLINA PRIDE AND JOY    ~      Palmetto Armory rifled
and sighted Musket with strong marks on the barrel and lock plate.  The brass
hardware gives this three bander the BIG REBEL eye appeal we love on
Southern smoke poles.  This is a scarce Confederate Firearm and one of the
best ones you will ever see .... This example is apology free and no upgrade
ever needed ....

Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle published in the book "Confederate Longarms and
Pistols" by Hill & Anthony.  These are scarce rifles as the invading Yankee
General Sherman burned many of these rifles when he torched Columbia, S.C.  
This example has all the bells and whistles .... add in published and you have
another Rebel Relic Classic Confederate Rifle.  This is the second example I
have had this year and one you will cherish in your gun room.

~    1861 Richmond Rifle Musket with clear 1861 and Richmond, VA lock plate
mark.  This is an awesome example with Richmond made walnut stock and
barrel.  The stock has strong condition and eye appeal with correct iron
unmarked butt plate and not cut for the Maynard tape primer finger.  The ram
rod channel is straight with the correct Richmond straight rod.  The rear barrel
band has the offset "U" and the front band is a Richmond unmarked band.  The
middle band has a scuff mark and hard to tell about it but patina matches and is
original to production.  The nose cap is correct and original to the gun riveted
iron with untouched patina.  The barrel is a Richmond barrel with cut for the rear
site and expected Southern traits.  The barrel has correct " V P EAGLE HEAD "
proof marks and one inspector mark I find very interesting " PB " under the other
proofs.  That inspector is probably Philip Burkart who is usually seen on
Fayetteville Armory Rifles ...... my guess early on he was spending time at the
Richmond Arsenal.  The action is crisp and mechanically sound with both sling
swivels and the trigger guard is beautiful with great untouched look.  Many of
the 1861 muskets were sent back and had the lock plate "high hump" shaved
down to make capping the nipple easier .... this example has it's original high
hump and is fantastic .... notice the bolster area of the stock no burn out.  The
survival rate of these weapons being used the entire War is low and this one
survived in very good condition.  I love this example from the history of Harpers
Ferry, Virginia State production, 1861 date, "PB" Barrel Proof, and untouched

EARLY TENNESSEE    ~    Absolutely Beautiful Original Flint Lock
Tennessee Rifle with 51" inch plus .45 caliber barrel.  The original walnut stock
is gorgeous with typical Tennessee construction with iron hardware.  I love the
iron trigger guard it screams Tennessee and the double set triggers.  The barrel
has maker and date etched on it but I have not even tried to make the name out
yet.  The date looks to be 1817 ...... maybe tonight I can work on the name.  
This is a true piece of art that will be a centerpiece in any collection.  The caliber
is perfect for hunting bears or anti personal ..... way to big for squirrels and
such.  Guys and Gals here is one you will love guaranteed ........