SNOW HILL, NORTH CAROLINA REBEL    ~     Two identified Confederate
used firearms .... The cased Maynard is really nice with matching serial number
on the rifled barrel but the shotgun barrel has another serial number.  The wood
case is solid with plenty of goodies.  The Remington is very nice with visible
serial number and visible but worn barrel address.  Both have working actions
and each one will come with a family letter stating history and belonging to their
Civil War Confederate Ancestor.  

WORKHORSE SIX   ~    Remington New Model Revolver with
military cartouche on the wood grip.  Nice working action with visible barrel
address and inspector initial on cylinder.  Serial number is visible under the
barrel and fresh to the market.  Nice attic revolver that has not even been oiled
or wiped off .....
REBEL PRICED for unbeatable value .......  

$995.00    ON HOLD
VIRGINIA FIRST RESPONDER   ~    Extremely nice Virginia retailer
marked double barrel shotgun.  The advertising copy is from 1856 .... early War
shotguns were in the hands of Southern Boys and no shortage of documented
usage.  Shotguns were still being used at the end of the War of Northern
Aggression and no shortage of period images have the Southern freedom
Fighters holding their trusty double barrels.  I wish it was Tennessee retailer
marked .... that said, some like minded Virgina Boy should be letting out a

$2,250.00    LAY AWAY