VIRGINIA FIRST RESPONDER   ~    Extremely nice Virginia retailer
marked double barrel shotgun.  The advertising copy is from 1856 .... early War
shotguns were in the hands of Southern Boys and no shortage of documented
usage.  Shotguns were still being used at the end of the War of Northern
Aggression and no shortage of period images have the Southern freedom
Fighters holding their trusty double barrels.  I wish it was Tennessee retailer
marked .... that said, some like minded Virgina Boy should be letting out a

$2,250.00    LAY AWAY
CONFEDERATE CONVERSION   ~    Found this beauty at the
Franklin Show this weekend ..... Gorgeous Southern conversion on this Model
1836 Johnson single shot pistol.  I love the "X" reassembly number on the
trigger guard and notice they wiped the "US" off the barrel but left the inspector
initials.  The conversion looks to be a Tennessee job ..... Chattanooga my
guess ..... the sporting hammer is sexy.  There is a crack in the wood but solid
and ready for display.  

$795.00    LAY AWAY