REBEL FRESH TO THE MARKET   ~    Model 41 Mississippi Rifle
fresh out of the Georgia backwoods.  Jawbone history of Confederate usage
and has traits I find on identified CS carried weapons.  The condition shows
honest usage with some burn out from firing and the bore is tired .... so no
doubt fired in anger.  The sling swivels and bayonet lug are gone and patina
says been gone period of usage.  I hunt all over North America and a slung rifle
is not comfortable and sling swivels make noise.  If your job was to kill invading
Yankees and your a riflemen ..... well, slung rifle making squeaky sounds will not
work.  The bayonet for these rifles is big and not my choice of a combat
weapon.  My Rebel DNA is strong and I am positive my thinking is likewise with
theirs.  Loose the bayonet and the lug ..... even the brass tipped ram rod shows
hard usage.  This rifle has working action and great Rebel eye appeal.   Another
solid trait is that it is a Whitney .... he was selling for profit and no doubt sold
guns that went down South and many of these rifles would have already been in
Southern hands.  If your budget will not allow a Confederate produced rifle .... I
promise thisone will fill the need and

$1,650.00     LAY AWAY
HARTFORD REBEL   ~    Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver with very
desirable serial number range.  These Pre War Hartford Colts were popular with
Southern Retailers ..... This is an awesome revolver and would have to be 25K
with a round barrel to be anymore Southern.  Plenty of cylinder scene and even
has a matching wedge .... check out the silver wash.  The mechanics are tight
and crisp with original walnut grips.  Try and find a nice solid honest 1860
production Colt Revolver .......  

$2,995.00   LAY AWAY