BIG ROOT AND LEATHER   ~     Colt Root Revolver with Confederate hand
sewn flap holster.  The holster and revolver fit is awesome with CS Officer eye
appeal if I have ever seen it .... The Colt revolver is mechanically sound with
visible maker mark, patent, and serial number.  Original and untouched with nice
uncleaned patina.  The leather holster is in good condition with intact toe and
closure stud.  Lay this set beside your Confederate Belt and add some REBEL
FIREPOWER to your display.  

$1,075.00    LAY AWAY
SNOW HILL, NORTH CAROLINA REBEL    ~     Two identified Confederate
used firearms .... The cased Maynard is really nice with matching serial number
on the rifled barrel but the shotgun barrel has another serial number.  The wood
case is solid with plenty of goodies.  The Remington is very nice with visible
serial number and visible but worn barrel address.  Both have working actions
and each one will come with a family letter stating history and belonging to their
Civil War Confederate Ancestor.  

$8,995.00 ..... Cased maynard

$2,995.00 ..... Remington revolver
TENNESSEE REBEL    ~    Absolutely fresh Tennessee Find ..... Gorgeous
Kerr Revolver with matching serial numbers and crisp action.  Very nice
untouched "JS ANCHOR" Confederate Inspector mark and visible London
inspector marks on cylinder and frame.  Maker mark and patent strikes are good
and the original wood grips are fabulous.  The pictures do not do this CS 6
shooter justice .... Fresh untouched Confederate inspector marked revolver

$4,850.00    SOLD