ALABAMA NATIONAL TREASURE    ~   Gorgeous Alabama half stock
rifle produced by well known Confederate gun maker and repairer Christian
Kreutner of Mobile, Alabama.  Pre War Mr. Kreutner was one of only two Mobile
Alabama Gun Makers and produced a limited amount of rifles for the
Confederacy.  Receipts show he also repaired rifles and shotguns for the
Confederate Army. Alabama was short on arms for it's soldiers and government
agents went door to door to find serviceable arms.  This half stock would have
been a prize position for any Alabama Sharp Shooter ..... I love this rifle and the
condition is gorgeous with strong maker name on barrel.  This is a rifle that any
Confederate Collector, Antique Arms, Southern Antique Arms, or Alabama
Collector will cherish.  

REBEL PINFIRE    ~    Beautiful Import Pinfire Revolver with some original
finish and surfaced near Pineville, South Carolina.  The action is strong with all
the bells and whistles: lanyard ring, spur trigger, big bore, loading gate, and an
interesting "IC" mark.  Even has the "JOHNNY REB." used initials scratched
carved in the grips.  Very strong example and REBEL PRICED ..... if I learn more
about the "IC" mark I will add to the write up.